~ ~ ~. ~ ~ ~. ~ ~ ~.

Theres a good and theres a best as there is Alpha and there is Omega... Like the power of life wears down to the time of death, the end and destruction of everything. Anyone can refuse it by asking "what is the worse that can happen?

Well. . . they are on something. . .

There always a start to life being longer than the thought,

Just prepare for the many emotions on the way

All while trial and error carries along.,.,.

~ ~ ~. ~ ~ ~. ~ ~ ~.

You can lose or gain as nothing belongs to you

Then to feel sorrow and regret fed by pain is nothing

You don't grow close without the other

Not while in a state unprepared for loss

Carry only to set your fate and future with your time

~ ~ ~. ~ ~ ~. ~ ~ ~.

Always with loss and error sometime at hand

Avoid the cause or learn what to be is your own choice

so be wise. . .

~ ~ ~. ~ ~ ~. ~ ~ ~.

Lack of intelligence gets no one anywhere as fate turns against you

While choices can become mistakes

Loss and pain is always the self consequence

Questioning what is the loss is the birth of a mistake.

Living alpha or omega is only place yourself

Live and learn don't lose yourself

~ ~ ~. ~ ~ ~. ~ ~ ~.

We all live and learn with mentality of done with no turn back

At a one time chance taken, Sorry time travel hasn't been invented. . .

So I resolved that these cold emotions did not entail the love

Learn that those things will only hold you back

~ ~ ~. ~ ~ ~. ~ ~ ~.

What is horrible remains to be loss at the top

Doing what is best is the smartest choice though

You get nowhere without the decision

Nothing happens unless loss, sadness and falling counts as something

You're left balanced on the edge with no turning back. . .

You need to dance with your heart

Not mentality, wants and desires

Everyone has to build up a life worth living

Without trails of blood along the way

~ ~ ~. ~ ~ ~. ~ ~ ~.