Got a random idea and hopefully it'll get me back into the rhythm of writing. It'll consist of both diary entries and actual first person narrative.

The title is... odd but, then again, this is going to be an odd story.

Enjoy! :)


Okay, so hi;

I have no idea why I'm writing in this thing, but apparently Evie reckons I have problems that I need to vent, and if I won't vent to her then I have to vent to something, hence the diary. Oh, Evie (or Eva) Henson is my best friend. Seriously, we've known each other since we were in diapers. If I weren't gay and she wasn't asexual we would probably date but ugh. The idea freaks me out that much, I can barely stand it.

No, I don't find the female anatomy disgusting or gross or anything like that. It just doesn't interest me. Besides, the thought of dating Evie would be like... dating my sister... if I had a sister; which I don't.

Which brings me to the next topic I wish to rant about.

One, Matthew James.

The most... gorgeous man to ever walk the earth. The man who is a good nine years older than me. A man who doesn't know I exist-or that my feelings exist anyway. He treats me like a child.

I mean, I am a child to him.

His nephew.

I'm in love with my Uncle... half Uncle before you start freaking out.

Okay, so half, adopted Uncle, if it makes you feel any better.

Sheesh, what you must think of me...

Oh well, it wouldn't be anything new.

But whatever; my name's Adam and I think this diary is a pathetic idea.