Since this story might never be finished, I though it would be nice just to have a little backround...

This story mainly centers around a teen girl, Lilyaneta "Asteria" Clemmons, adopted at age 15 by the Donovan family, through her life. This story is supernatural and everything with some certain twists, but it doesn't need to be explained for this. These are just snippets maybe thought up by one of the characters in the story. The characters will be one of the following:


Nix (Asteria's adoptive sister)

Sirius (Asteria's adoptive brother)

Sagitta (Asteria's blood brother)

Pyxis (Asteria's closest friend)

Michael Clemons (Asteria's blood father)

Jacinta Clemmons (Asteria's blood mother)

Lilith Donovan (Asteria's adoptive mother)

Killian Donovan (Asteria's adoptive mother)

Others may be added at any time, but these are the characters who will be the primary focus.

Hope that clears it up a bit. Probably not, but this is mainly for me. So...