A/N: I'm trying to write a story and these are just little things based on the character. I use a random prompt generator and a random number generator for the amount of words.

Prompt: Listen, I just don't care.

Words: 329

It was a Tuesday. School was boring, but being home was worse. Having to see Nix, Lilith, and Killian? Horrible. The only person that I liked at home is Sirius. But sometimes he was even a little too much. He wasn't snobby or rude like the rest of them, but he was just so... old. Not physically old; there he was my age. He just acted like some wise old man trapped inside of my adoptive brother's body.

Sigh. I hated my family. They adopted me just so that I could replace their poor dead daughter. Too bad I'm not the perfect child they wanted. I didn't wear fancy dresses, I didn't have connections to use later in life, my friends weren't the nicest people, I didn't talk in that posh accent that the rest of their friends and family seemed to share. I didn't fit in. Period.

"What are you moping about now?" It was Lilith. Lilith, the poor women. Lilith, so kind and beautiful. Lilith, Lilith, Lilith. Horrible mother to anyone not of her blood. That included me.

"Nothing. Nothing at all." She frowned at me. Of course she did. She may be a terrible mother, but she was sharp and could always detect even the tiniest hint of sarcasm.

"Well, you better get over it! And go and get changed. We have guests and they shouldn't see you dressed like that."

Of course, "that" was a class T-shirt and a pair of purple jeans. Not good enough for her. Oh well.

"Hurry up! They'll be here any moment." Whatever you say, dearest. Your wish is my command.

"Listen, I just don't care. They're not my guests." Mother never seemed to get that. Why should I have to play hostess to a bunch of people I don't want to associate with? Mother wouldn't see it like that, though. I got up to change.