What would the world be like

If we decided for once

Just once

To live a day with no hatred

No bad choices

No drugs, drinking, smoking, rape

No discrimination,

No fights or arguments,

No peer pressure or

leaving anyone out

If we just chose to dissolve the differences between us

and choose to acknowledge the people in need together

And remember those of whom who chose to sink into the shadows,

Care for our beautiful earth

And begin to do the right things for once,

What would the world be like? What would WE be like? Would we ALL learn how to love? Would we CONTINUE to do what is right for once?

How about we all try to live that day. Share the love and kindness, hand out smiles and do all the right things, all at once. If we try that, the world might begin to be that wonderful place we all want it to be.

Live it.