cat and mouse

chasing each other endlessly

tails after tails

stomach after meal

except the cat isn't a cat

but more brightly colored

and oval-shaped

and small

the mice in my head

they bite and chew and they bite and chew

they eat the gray brain matter

they eat all the sanity

they eat me up

they chew me down

to a whittle that barely

can function

i swallow the cat

with no fur stuck in my teeth

i make her chase away all the little mice

with her padded and needle sharp claws

she swallows the virus

and soon i

am free

but the cats need to find a new home

because when they piss it smells

they make my brain smell

they make me ugly

they make me deplorable

it is until i swallow dogs

will the cats leave

and they come in white sharp little bolts

that will stab my brain

and make me bleed

with their sharp fanged teeth