green daydreams

of a greater world

lie in my head

i wonder i wonder

when will the world

stop dead

i imagine a world

where no one can speak to you

as holden would say

you are a deaf mute

no one can have any

goddam useless conversations

with you

i wonder i wonder

how holden

could stand to be in this century

with so many ignorant men

so many ignorant women

he would wish the world

would stop dead

make the center of the earth's

heart stop beating

make the air stop breathing

make the oceans stop bleeding

make the world be where it is right now


not a single day will pass by

we can be stuck here

we can have a grand old time

of me saying to you

drop dead

i wonder i wonder

how i still have friends

when i say these awful things

but no one knows what it means

make me a deaf mute

make my voice box obsolete

then maybe then maybe

i will be happier

i don't need to have

any goddam useless friendships

i can be alone

in the world that stopped dead