The year is 1289, my 18th birthday. I have been waiting for this day all my life. I am now old enough to become a knight. I live in a small village named Dragon Nest. They call it Dragon Nest because once a year the dragons come and nest up on the top of the mountain. My name is Young, Matthew Young. It is my dream to become a knight. Knights are strong, noble, fearless and more.

I got a bow and arrow for my 16th birthday from my Mother and Father. My Mother's name is Sydney; she died when I was a boy. My Father's name is Tom. He was a drunk ever since my Mother died. I use to catch myself starring into space wondering if she is looking down on me. My bow is a hunting bow. It was a red bow with a black strip in the middle.

I was on my way to the city of Decoato with my horse, Black Beauty. The journey was long and dangerous. There are bandits, bears, wolves and more. The path to Decoato is a narrow dirt road with mountains on either side. I look up over my head and see a clear blue sky. I rode for about half an hour when I got hi-jacked by bandits. There were three men dressed in black. They had black boots, black pants, black shirt and a black hooded coat. The bandits took all my gold, food, drink and my horse 'Black Beauty'. Then they were off in an instant. I stood on the narrow path for about 15 minutes. After that I started walking down the path for about a kilometre when an Orc on his wagon come by. He seemed friendly so I asked him if I could have a ride to Decoato. The Orc agreed and gave me a ride to Decoato. He was a short and fat Orc with grey hair and had a wooden leg. In the back of the wagon was a dog. The dog was so ugly, it had no hair or fur except for a little white patch on the top of its head. His eyes were as white as pearls, kind of like it was blind. Its teeth were yellow and were missing a few on the top. The bottom teeth were all gone. The dog looked like it had been burnt in a fire then skinned alive.

When we got to the city of Decoato, he took off and I when to my uncle Bob's house. I went down town and found his house. I haven't seen my Uncle Bob in eight years. His real name is Robert, but everyone calls him Bob. There he was at his old, white house. That night we had chicken for supper

The next morning I set out to find work. The first thing I found was a blacksmith, smelting iron ore. But I didn't get the job because of lack of experience. The second job I found was a hunter for the local butcher. The Orc who gave me a ride to Decoato was the owner of it his name was Dave. I asked Dave, "Why are you named Dave, it is a little bit unusual for an Orc to be called that". He replied, "They call me Dave because I was brought up by a human family not an Orcish family." He told me it was my job to go into the forest of light and hunt deer, bear, goat or any other animal that was eatable, then bring the animal back to him so he can sell it. The next day I started my new job, hunting. I found my first bear. I grabbed out my bow and shot it with my best arrow in my quiver. I got it in the head with one clean shot. Then I ran up and dragged my first kill back to Dave. He gave me 54 gold coins and his carving knife. If the kill was 50kg I get 50 gold coins, if the kill was 20kg I get 20 gold coins. That is how I get paid.

When I got home from work my Uncle Bob was sitting down at the table with eyes full of tiers and a bottle of old ale in his hand. I walked up to him and asked,

"Hey Uncle Bob what is the matter?"

I have some news about our father, he is no more, he has passed, he has been murdered by bandits in a robbery. He tired to take out as many bandits as possible".

That night I was angry, so I went for a walk by the lake down town. I strolled into a tavern called the dead man's chest and ordered a drink. There I was sitting there drinking my ale, when I glanced out the window and saw the largest deer I had ever seen. It would be worth a lot of gold at my butcher. I grabbed my bow and arrows and ran into the forest of light after the deer.

There was the leader of the knights in the middle of a sword fight with three bandits. The knight leader grabbed his sword and sliced one's throat. I ran over and shot one of my arrows at a bandit's leg, punching a hole in it. Blood was pouring out of it, he fell to the grown and died. One bandit swung his sword at the knight leader. I ran up and spear tackled the knight to the floor, I felt the wind of the blade above us. I got up and stabbed the bandit in the gut with Dave's caving knife. I helped the knight up and he said only one thing to me.

"You're noble, you should join me in the battle some time as a knight."

That knight the King himself knighted me. My dream had come true. I am now a knight. I walked over to my Uncle Bob and he said,

"Your mother and Father are looking down at us right now with a smile on their faces and are saying they are proud of you son, I know they are Matthew, I know they are".

We walked back to that old white house and went to bed.

The next day I went to the training area, where the knights train every day, with my bow and arrows. There was a large group of men there. One of them was Dave. I walked up to Dave and asked,

"Why are all these men here?"

"There is a questing beast in the forest of light and the King has ordered a bounty on its death."

"What is a questing beast?" I asked with a confused look on my face.

Dave replied with,

"The strange creature has the head and neck of a serpent, the body of a leopard, the launches of a loin and the feet of a deer."

So we all set out it kill it. Two or three hours later looking I heard a noise over in the bushes. I got out my bow and loaded it. The beast jumped out and took me to the ground. With its fangs the monster struck me. Over and over it bit me until a knight came and stabbed the questing beast in the heart. His name was Buck.

Six weeks later I woke up to a nurse in a hospital. She was a kind lady with blue eyes and brown hair, rather pretty I must say. Her name was Sarah. I didn't remember what happened but what I do remember is the knight who saved me. He was right there next to me with Dave and Uncle Bob. Buck was a tall and large wood elf. He has blonde hair and some chain mail armor. Then it hit me.

I can make a gang to kill the bandits that took my Mother and Father away from me. When they took me home I told them my idea.

"Guy's let's make up a team to take down the bandits that killed my Mother and Father."

At first they were not so supportive but then they came though. I had a team – Buck, Uncle Bob, Dave, Sarah and myself. We needed one more to make six. So we all sat down at the table thinking hard about whom we trust and who is a good fighter in the battlefield. Then someone, I don't remember who, said,

"Wait you were born in Dragon Nest weren't you Matthew. We can get a dragon rider can't we?"

"My God, your right. We can get a dragon ride." We all set out to find a dragon rider.

After the first day of traveling we came across a river. Uncle Bob suggested it would be a great place to set up camp. Sarah and Dave set up the tents, Buck and Uncle Bob were collecting firewood, and I went out hunting for something to eat. After supper we went to sleep. The next morning we had some spear time so we went into the rapids. All of a sudden I got pushed underneath a tree. I felt so scared as if I was going to die. I thought if I took of my life jacket I could slip underneath the tree and come out the other side, but I didn't want to risk it. I could see the water gushing past me. People running, throwing ropes to me. I could hear the people yelling out to me, "Grab the rope! Get on your back!" I could feel the cold icy water on my soft skin. I took in a glop of the sea salt water. It tasted awful. I could smell the water and the trees, which was the only good thing about it. I grabbed the rope and Dave dragged me to safety. That was one good thing about having Sarah there, she was a nurse.

Four days later we reached Dragon Nest. It was that time of the year. The dragons come and mate so it will be easy to find a dragon rider. We went up to the peak of the mountain to the dragons and their riders. We saw two dragons fighting over a mating partner. We went over to the winning dragons rider, they were wearing a dark, black, hooded coat. We could not see their face, and asked,

"Do you want to join our army? We need someone like you, a dragon rider."

They took off their hood and she said,

"Depends. What is in it for me."

I think we were all surprised that the dragon's rider was a female. She said her name was Thea.

"We will give you 100 gold coins if you accept our quest."

She seemed glad to join our team then. So we had six people now – Uncle Bob, Buck, Sarah, Dave, Thea and I. we had a full crew.

We set off trying to find the bandit camp the next day. We travelled all through the kingdom trying to find and gather glues about where their camp was. Three weeks had passed and we got a tip that the bandits were in the forest of light. After two long hours of searching in the forest of light Thea saw a bright but distance glow, it was the camp. We sneaked up there quickly but quietly, until they found us that is.

They made us kneel in front of their leader and say why we were there. Buck quickly said that we join to join their bandit raid. The leader agreed and we had to join the very people who murdered my parents. Later that night we snuck out of the camp and got some supplies, and Thea's dragon. We walked back to the camp and lit it up. When all the bandits woke up from all the smoke and flames Thea got her dragon to burn them all to death. BOOM, BANG, CRASH. Bandits were running everywhere. The adrenaline was pumping through my blood. I over heard someone yell, "Run, Fire!" The exits were full of bandits, crammed, and packed. What ever you want to say it as, they were full of bandits. I have to run for my life. The only question is… will I make it.