Get Out, Get Out

I saved the world once,
I think.
I don't remember it now
But I feel like I did that.
I'm pretty sure I did that.
I saved the world,
I keep saving the world,
I keep saving all the little cats
Caught in trees.
I'm all the superheroes –
I'm flying –
No I'm falling –
No I'm catching the people
Who jump out of windows.
There's a fire on the third floor,
Get out, get out.
There's a fire on the stove,
The kettle is boiling,
I left the gas on –
I set the world on fire.
Yes, that sounds about right.
I burnt the whole world down –
Get out, get out.
I'm here to save you,
I'm here to save the world.
I'm here to catch you
As you get pushed out of windows.
Here kitty, kitty.