From This Side of Australia (To The Other)

All you have to do is notice me
and I would give you the world.
I would give you galaxies
the moon, space shuttles,
and from this side of Australia
to the other
(except I would skip the middle,
I don't think you'd want it).
I would give you Koalas that hum
in the palm of your hand,
and the Southern Cross to lie
at your fingertips.
I would put every star, every car,
everything you deemed of any value
within arm's reach.
I would take the Quantas ad
and make it your backdrop,
I would fly you anywhere in the world
and fly you back home.
I would build you houses that never shook,
never flooded, never got swept away
in the tides, or fires or hurricanes.
I would give you anything you ever wanted
and a little bit more.
I would give you something
you never even knew you would want
until you had everything else
you thought you'd enjoy.
All you have to do is notice
and I'll give you every part of me.