Flowers and guns walk hand in hand
The truth is now officially banned
In seconds houses are turned to ruins
The rich are proud of their brave doings

Underneath a pile of bricks
Beyond the point of a simple fix
Between frantic screams sounds a small yelp
A civilian's desperate cry for a little help

She hadn't wished for it to be this way
But her life is a small price to pay
For the freedom her country urgently needs
Heroes will be honored for their deeds

A soldier grabs a child's tiny hand
He offers protection, completely unplanned
Another bomb is on its way
He holds her close and they both pray

To different gods indeed,
But equal is the blood they bleed
The greatest sacrifice he gave
For another's life to save

Covering her is a dead man
A tragic failure of a game plan
Corpses lie around her feet
But the bomb attack is not complete

She cannot stay,
Out here she's easy prey
Blood soaked and limping
She makes a run for it, not thinking

A cedar tree is within sight
Bombing is the country's blight
Hiding amongst the needles, bleeding
Ideals of freedom drown in her pleading

Now protected from bullets and vicious eyes
Dust and needles are her only disguise
Panic-stricken, her eyes dry and sore
Ears ringing from the raging war

A journalist's last picture from a country in uproar
His final report on the state of the war
A child hiding in a cedar tree
The article is like a banshee

Financing a revolution is a great deed
And truly vital for it to succeed
A bullet backed by the Western top
Made a little girl's heart stop

After one thousand and one nights
A thousand splendid suns light
Up every corner, of every street of every city
But in war there is no ethics committee

This story will be told
By the winner, facts withhold
Heroes are from the winners side
Their actions were in bona fide

A terrorist or freedom fighter?
An article's view depends on the writer
Are they occupiers or settlers in a new land?
To find the right answers, you need all facts at hand

But right and wrong change over time
What in the future will be considered a crime?
Open your ears, eyes and mind
All of these three can be blind

A friendship founded in a time of need
A soldier and a child is freedom's seed
A bond like this will forever change a heart
So that peace and war are not too far apart