My Mini Saga

Ok so in my lesson today we had to write a short story in ten minutes (which I needed only 3 minutes of!), it had to be 50 words exactly, have a cliff hanger at the end, and had to include:

A person: Police Officer,

A Place: Hospital,

And A Thing: Candlestick.

All of the things were picked by people in my class. So here we go this is the story! XD

As I crept through the house, a paranoid shiver is sent running down my spine as my candlestick stub is burning on its last light. Low moans of pain can be heard through the dank walls of the hospital in the next room.

"Hello Police Officer, can …"

The scream echoes!

Well I know my Author rant is longer than the story but I hope you enjoyed!

If you want me to continue just ask but otherwise it will stay a one-shot!

Love you all very much, thanks for reading!

BrizzyBabber Xxx