A chance encounter.
My vision obscured by a veil of rain.
My shoes clip cautiously along the narrow path,
And then suddenly
I see him.
No face, no eyes. Merely a blurred vision
Of a man walking beside me.
An opaque mask
That hides indeterminate years of curiosity.
He stares blankly ahead as if
Shadowing his features from the world.
The distance grows again between us
And wonder if it was my own imagination.
Did I simply want to see him there?
Even so a small smile cannot resist
Forming at the edges of my lips-
Wry and pleased; no sadness that
He did not know me.
Just a satisfied glow that I finally
Knew him without fear.
A little moment for me to treasure and bottle up
Like a favourite scent.
My encounter.
A private gift to replace something long forgotten.
Perhaps never even received.
A glimpse into another world that never was.
An alternate ending.
A mirror universe.