Naughty Boys 2

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It had been three years since Devan had spent the summer at his step-brother's house and since then, Devan had constantly stuck by Jayce's side. Their parents finally suggested that they just live together at Jayce's, completely oblivious to what was going on between their sons.

Jayce had gotten an office job and Devan worked as a neighbor boy. Jayce was the one wearing business suits, sitting at a boring office desk and Devan was the one wearing shorts and T-shirts as he did chores around the neighborhood for elderly couples or anyone else too lazy to do their own job.

It was a cooler day in the summer when Jayce was kept late at the office and he drove home, disgruntled after four hours of overtime of paperwork that wasn't even his. Sighing he got out of his beaten down car and hauled his bag and office work with his to the door, opening it with an acquired skill that including not dropping any of his belongings and opening the door at the same time.

"Devan?!" Jayce called out, hanging his keys on a hook and sliding his jacket off his shoulders. As he hung the jacket on the coat rack, he looked around, noticing the neatness of the living room. He knew that his step-brother and he weren't slobs, but they hadn't cleaned the house in a long time. Suspiciously, he placed his work and bag down on the carpet and called out again, "Devan?"

"In the kitchen…" Devan's voice called through the hallway to Jayce's right. The black haired man sighed and cracked his back by stretching before walking leisurely down the hallway and turned to the kitchen.

"I can't believe-" Jayce started, rolling his eyes and then froze in his tracks as he stared at the scene in front of him.

Devan was wearing a maid's outfit. A modified maids outfit... The top was bikini shaped with a cuffed collar, a little tie hanging in the middle. The bottom half of the outfit, however, was like a dancer's skirt; tight like panties with a little bit of frill at the top, black and white. The past-the-knees socks were attached to a belt that was just above the bottom piece, showing off Devan's muscular legs as he moved. He had no shoes on, sliding around in his sock clad feet. Devan's brown hair was donned with a maid's hat, carefully perched so not to fall at any sudden movements. As Devan's hands came into view, Jayce saw tight white cloth gloves on them, holding a remote control with a long wire going from the end into Devan's side. As Devan twirled in front of him, the dangling belly button piercing swung.

"Can't believe… what, Jayce?" Devan said in a low whisper. His voice was shaking and Jayce then noticed that the brunette was shifting on his feet, almost like…

"What's…" Jayce started, gulping, "What's the remote for?"

Devan fake gasped. "Oh… I… I just found it in our room… I wanted to try it out…" Jayce could think of a million things that could be in their bedroom, but the thing that came to mind was the simple vibrator egg that he had purchased a couple weeks ago on a whim.

Sneaky little… Jayce thought with pride. He curled his finger to his lover indicating that he should come closer. Devan walked forward with his hips rocking widely, obviously trying to get the special spot inside of his simulated.

"Yes… Master? What would you like me to do for you?" Devan whispered, running his hands up his older lover's chest, gripping the clothing that separated them. Jayce's arms wrapped around Devan's waist, pulling their bodies tight together.

Jayce didn't say anything and leaned down for a sweet chaste kiss before it turned into a heated passion that left them panting and clutching each other's clothes. Their tongues danced and their groins rubbed together causing moans and hardening.

"Take my dick out of my pants…" Jayce said after letting their lips break apart. Devan gave him a wide smirk before kissing down his clothed chest to his pants, dropping to his knees. He pulled the zipper down with his teeth and undid the button. His nimble hands pulled the dark haired brunette's pants and boxers down just enough to free his half hard erection. Devan's brown eyes caught Jayce's baby blues before taking the plump head in his mouth and sucking it like a lollipop.

Jayce watched, entranced by the action. Devan's cheeks hallowed, creating a harsh suction that Devan had learned early on that Jayce liked. Eventually and rather quickly, the light haired brunette's lips were at the base and the tip of his mushroom headed cock was down his lover's throat. Jayce's head was thrown back as he guided Devan's mouth, both hands holding onto his lover's head. Devan's hands started pulling at Jayce's shirt, indicating that he wanted it off.

Jayce was able to get his shirt off with no difficulty, but stumbled and was leaning heavily against the counter. His shirt landed somewhere amongst the growing pile of clothing being stripped from him. Jayce picked up his feet as his shoes were ripped off and his socks were slipped under his feet faster than any time they had been extremely horny and couldn't undress fast enough.

His pants fell to the floor, hitting Devan's knees. "Fuck!" Jayce grunted as his lover licked a sensitive area to the underside of his cock. "Suck it like the bitch you are…" Jayce said, thrusting his hips into Devan's face. Devan hummed in pleasure, dirty talk was one of his favorite forms of foreplay. Jayce looked down at his little lover and smirked. "Devan… Master would like something…"

Devan looked up shyly and let his cock go with a lewd pop. "What would Master like?" He asked, breath slightly shaky. He was still licking eagerly at the tip of the dark red cock in his hands.

"Get to your feet." Devan slowly got up, hips twisting and clenching from the bullet in his ass. "Bend over the table." Devan's brown eyes bore into his as he sauntered over to the wooden table and sprawled his top half over the glossy surface. He gasped as his nipples touched the wood and Jayce realized with evil intent that it must be cold. He walked over and admired the tanned globes of flesh that were separated by a thin piece of cloth and covered slightly by the ruffles of the skirt.

Jayce couldn't help himself.

SMACK! Devan cried out in shock and pleasure. As Jayce watched in delight as a red hand print formed on Devan's left cheek, said boy whimpered as he felt the sting. "Please…" He whispered.

Jayce grinned like a Cheshire cat. "Please what, slave?"

Devan rocked his hips, earning another slap to the right cheek. He gasped, "Please, Master! More! I need more!" He cried and turned his head around to give Jayce his puppy dog eyes, which he knew Jayce fell for every time.

"Okay, slave. You asked for it." Jayce didn't leave the kitchen, but he turned away to the sink and grabbed a bottle that they kept there just in case. It was lube that could also be used as wonderful quality hand soap, so no one said anything when they had guests over.

He undid the screw top and threw it on the counter. When he got into position over his lover, he poured some over his cock, coating it generously. He placed the bottle on the table and used one hand to grip his erection, rubbing the tip over the globes, which twitched when they were touched.

"Please, Master…" Devan whined, pushing his hips back towards the hardness poking him. Jayce chuckled and pulled the thin piece of his slave's thong away, taking time to poke at the twitching hole it was barely hiding. The string to the bullet was still there; Jayce decided to play dirty and pulled at the string a little, getting a high case of resistance.

Jayce left the string there and admired the hole it was coming from; it was puckered and pink, twitching every time Jayce went near it. Finally, he had his erection lined up with the pink pucker and as he pushed forward, he heard Devan gasp.

"But… the bullet's-" Devan was cut off by a loud moan he released as he was stretched, the bullet acting as an extension that wasn't very well needed, but it was hitting the sweet spot inside him, vibrating on it, making him a complete incubus. "Ah!" Jayce had reached the hilt, eyes rolled back and balls twitching from the tightness that surrounded his member.

"Fuck!" He managed to get out, slightly breathless. "So tight…" Jayce whispered. Devan was looking back at him with cloudy eyes and a drool mark going down his chin.

"Move… Please!" Devan cried out, arching his back, trying to spread his legs wider. Jayce smirked at brunette and grabbed his hips in a tight grip before thrusting hard into his body.

Their bodies moved together, pushing each other and then meeting back. The bullet inside Devan enhanced the pleasure, vibrating the top of Jayce's cock and slamming into the pleasurable spot within Devan. Devan surrendered his body, lying on the table with his hands gripping both sides of the table to ensure that he wouldn't go flying off from the force of Jayce's thrusts. Jayce eventually leaned over Devan, pressing his chest to the younger's back.

"Ah!" Devan cried, switching from full out yelling and biting his lip to hold in his cries. His body was too sensitive and soon enough, Devan felt himself clench and his body burst into pleasure. "Jayce…" Devan shuddered, his body going limp as his body came down from his high.

"Already done?" Jayce said with some amusement, though it was a watered down saying as he was panting. Jayce pulled his still hard member from his lover's body and admired the way Devan's ass still stayed somewhat loose after his cock leaves it. "I still haven't come, yet. You better be ready for another round, slave." Jayce taunted.

Devan looked up, exhausted, but looked willing to try. On shaky legs, he pulled his body from the table, covered in his own cum and turned to his master. "What would you like me to do, Master?" As he spoke, Jayce could see his cock getting hard again from the bullet that was still vibrating inside him.

"Follow me."

In the living room, Jayce sat down on the couch and patted his lap in an invitation to his slave. Devan walked over, shaky but seemingly desperate for them to continue. "Ride me." Devan blushed, but got into position, kneeling over his master's cock. "Let's take this out first…" Devan gasped as he felt Jayce's fingers enter him and pull the bullet out from inside him.

"There's a string for a reason, you know…" Devan said accusingly. Jayce smirked and leaned forward.

"I know, but it's so much better to search for it inside you…" He whispered in his ear. Devan bit his lip and spread his knees a bit more and pressed down on the hard length that was poking at him like a curious animal. "Take a seat…"

"But-" Devan said, but was interrupted as Jayce pulled his legs apart and he sank down on the hard heat. As his body went down further, Devan's back arched and his hands gripped at Jayce's shoulders, nails digging in.

"Ride, slave." Jayce commanded and thrust up. Devan took a breath and started to bring himself up and down the length that was impaled inside him. As moments went by, the pace became heavier and harder as they thrust to meet each other again. This time, however, Jayce held onto Devan's erection before he could cum, making his lover whine." You can't cum until I'm ready this time."

"Please!" Devan shouted, trying to impale himself harder.

Jayce threw his head back, muttering "That's it… That's it… Yes…" It was when Devan wrapped his arms around his neck and pulled him into a passionate kiss that Jayce finally let go and Devan came hard onto their stomachs. Jayce followed through soon after, thrusting up a few more times before filling his lover with his hot seed.

As they sat their panting, Devan pulled from the kiss and placed his forehead on Jayce's. "You, know… I'm really happy that I came to live here…"

Jayce chuckled breathlessly. "Yeah? Me too…" Devan smirked.

"You know why?" He asked.

Jayce blinked his baby blue eyes. "The incredible sex?" Devan chuckled and kissed his cheek.

"Well there's that… and the fact that it's hard to be a naughty boy when there's no one to be naughty with…" Jayce blinked again and threw his head back laughing before giving Devan one last kiss.


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