Mkay, so this happened because I was bored and in a study room and didn't have any more homework with me.

Dalton and Darren are both four in this short story, but Riker and Jeff are not yet nineteen. They are still eighteen.

Background for people if needed:

Riker and Jeff are boyfriends (in case you don't get that). Darren is Riker's adopted baby brother, and he was adopted about a year before this story takes place. Dalton is Jeff's younger cousin who Jeff and his family took into their home a year prior due to the bad living arrangements Dalton had been in previously.

That should be about it. Any other questions, just ask.


"Alright, you guys, outside," Miri said, pointing out the back door as Riker and Jeff fought smiles while Darren and Dalton giggled.

"Aw, Mom. It's not that bad," Riker chuckled as he looked around the kitchen, which was a huge mess after they had baked and decorated cookies earlier. Miri gave Riker a serious look with both hands on her hips. Darren and Dalton exchanged a glance, both of them still giggling as they kicked their feet back and forth.

"Well, I do not trust you and Jeffry to clean without getting into some weird war, so I am sending you out into the yard to hose the two little ones off," Miri said.

"Oh, and you think there won't be a war with that?" Jeff asked as he got up and grabbed Dalton.

"I know there will be, but that will be outside and just water," Miri replied. "Now shoo while I clean this mess."

"Love you, Mommy," Darren giggled as he slid out of his chair and skipped over to the back door.

"Love you too, sweet pea," Miri replied, smiling at him. Darren smiled back and then latched onto Riker's leg as Riker opened the door and walked outside.

"Uh oh, looks like I have a Darren to wash off myself," Riker said as he walked over to the hose.

"Darren won't wash away," Darren giggled in response.

"Mmh, we'll have to see," Riker replied as he unfurled the hose.

"No more clothes!" Dalton suddenly exclaimed, peeling his dirty shirt off and throwing it onto the porch. Jeff and Riker both snorted with laughter and shook their heads while Darren giggled. Dalton just started running around the backyard with his arms raised over his head.

"I guess it's a good thing we decided on putting bathing suits on earlier," Jeff laughed as he watched Dalton run around.

"Yep," Riker agreed as he turned the hose on and sent a spray of water at Dalton, who let out an excited squeal when the water came into contact with his skin. Jeff snorted with laughter and shook his head.

"Again!" Dalton exclaimed as he ran up to Riker.

"Mkay," Riker chuckled before spraying Dalton again. Dalton let out another screech and then ran across the yard before tumbling to the ground. Riker and Jeff snorted with laughter and Darren giggled loudly.

"C'mon, Dar!" Dalton exclaimed, sitting up and waving enthusiastically. Darren giggled and then detached himself from Riker's leg.

"Ah-ha!" Riker exclaimed, squirting water at Darren. Darren let out a squeal and then ran over towards Dalton, peeling off his shirt as he went. Jeff snorted with laughter and grabbed the hose from Riker before running over to Dalton and Darren and spraying them with water. They both screeched and slapped at the water, causing water to spray all over Jeff.

"Guys! Clean off as well, please!" Miri suddenly called out.

"Lame, Mom!" Riker laughed as he ran over to join Jeff.

"You're going to need to before you come in or you will all be exiled outside for the rest of the day!" Miri replied.

"Harsh!" Jeff laughed.

"You know I'll do it! I've done it to the two of you before!" Miri called out.

"Yeah! When we were seven!" Riker snorted.

"Exactly! And I can do it again!" Miri replied.

"Silly Mommy," Darren giggled as he and Dalton sat under the spray of the water.

"I can stay outside all night anyway," Dalton said.

"Not without supervision," Jeff laughed. Dalton stuck his tongue out at Jeff and Darren giggled as he reached over to poke Dalton's cheek. Dalton giggled and then playfully shoved Darren away from himself.

"Aw, you two need to place nice," Riker chuckled before reaching over and grabbing the hose from Jeff and spraying Jeff with it.

"Oh yeah! Good example!" Jeff exclaimed, running after Riker as Riker ran off. Darren and Dalton exchanged a look and then giggled.

"They're silly," Darren added as they watched Riker and Jeff.

"Mhm," Dalton agreed as they both giggled.

"C'mon. I want strawberries," Darren said as he got up and pushed his hair out of his face.

"Yummy!" Dalton giggled, immediately wrapping one of Darren's hands with one of his as they walked towards the back door. Once there, Darren knocked on the door, an innocent smile spreading across his face.

"Yes, sweetie?" Miri asked as she opened the door.

"Can we have some strawberries, please?" Darren asked as Dalton giggled slightly.

"Mhm. Wait here," Miri replied before going back into the kitchen. Then, Braxton showed up in the doorway. He looked out into the yard as if decided if he wanted to go out. Then, Riker and Jeff ran passed as they battled for control over the hose. Braxton eyed them and then walked towards the living room, tail held high in the air.

"No play time for Braxton today," Dalton laughed.

"Nope," Darren agreed as Miri reappeared with a bowl of strawberries in her hand.

"Here you go, guys," she said as she carefully handed the bowl to Darren.

"Thank you, Mommy!" Darren exclaimed happily as he flashed Miri a smile.

"You're welcome. Make sure to wash off when you're done if you can get those hose from those two," Miri replied, nodding in Riker and Jeff's direction where they were still battling over control of the hose while they laughed.

"Mkay, Mommy," Darren replied before Miri shut the door and he and Dalton went to sit down on the edge of the porch with the bowl of strawberries between them.

"Red hands," Dalton giggled a few minutes later as he held his palms out. Darren did the same and giggled also.

"Red face too," Darren added as he poked Dalton's cheek and left a small red mark there.

"You too!" Dalton exclaimed as they both continued to giggle

"Riker told me people used to paint with fruits," Darren said as he bit into another strawberry. "Like, they would use the juices to make paint."

"I wonder if we can do that," Dalton breathed as he bit into a strawberry. "Then I could make a picture of a strawberry with a strawberry!"

"Riker also said they used paint for their skin to show importance," Darren said, giggling a bit and then spreading strawberry juice over his arm. Dalton giggled and did the same.

"Now we're all red," Dalton said once they finished.

"Mhm," Darren hummed in agreement as he chewed on his last strawberry and watched Riker and Jeff where they were across the yard.

"They're silly," Dalton giggled as Riker held the hose between his legs and aimed the water at Jeff as he screamed watersports!

"Very silly," Darren agreed as Jeff screeched and ran at Riker and jumped at him. Darren and Dalton giggled as Riker and Jeff fell to the ground laughing as water sprayed around them. Riker wrapped his arms around Jeff as Jeff laughed and pulled their faces together, the hose lying forgotten on the ground next to them.

"They kiss lots," Dalton commented.

"They love each other lots," Darren replied as he shrugged one shoulder. Dalton looked over at Darren at this and Darren looked back.

"But I love you lots and we don't kiss," Dalton said. Darren's cheeks flushed slightly at this, and then so did Dalton's.

"'Cause we never kissed someone before," Darren finally said, still looking at Dalton, who shrugged.

"We could, though," Dalton said. Darren nodded in agreement, cheeks still flushed.

"We could," Darren added. "'Cause I love you lots too."

"Good. Then we can kiss," Dalton said, nodding once.

"Mhm," Darren hummed in agreement as they looked at each other, neither of them aware that Riker and Jeff were silently watching them.

"Good," Dalton said again before he and Darren both leaned forward to press their lips together.

They both pulled away giggling and leaned against each other's shoulders. As Darren and Dalton continued to giggle, Riker and Jeff walked over with smiles on their faces.

"Hey, you two ready to actually wash up?" Riker asked.

"Mhm!" Darren and Dalton replied.

"Alright, let's go," Jeff said, leading them back over to the hose.

Dalton and Darren continued to giggle as Riker and Jeff washed the strawberry juice and frosting from earlier off their skin, neither of them paying attention as Riker and Jeff started singing quietly as they smirked.

My first kiss went a little like this…


Okay, I am in no way implying Riker and Jeff are into watersports, if you know what that is. I just threw it in there because I could and I felt it was needed for Riker to be doing something inappropriate with the hose, because c'mon, this is Riker here.

Other than that, if you don't understand what it meant by watersports, don't worry about it. It is obviously not major to the plot. Just Riker being special.