I drank a numbing tea of four souls,
and found myself on a beach that
I'd created.

I'm watching the clouds lick the ocean
when a panther tugs on my sleeve,
urging me, "We must move on."
I bury my face in her flanks and
implore her to witness the beauty
of the black sand all around.

She insists, and we start to run along the shore.

We are hurtling, suddenly, through something
akin to space-time. We approach a hexagon
and penetrate it's center.

I have grown wings. I am in a beehive.

Twisting and turning through perfect corridors,
honey and wax assaulting my senses,
I come upon the queen.

She is enormous, and beautiful. I playfully tap
on her shiny mandibles, and run my hands through
the royal fuzz of her thorax. She buzzes her wings
pleasantly. I lay myself upon her form, and begin to

I fall through her and I fall through the ether and
I end up in the

I swim deep, and fast. There is an obsidian cave below
that I cannot resist. Inside I find a familiar octopus.
It undulates in color when it recognizes me. I hug him
tightly, reaching underneath to stroke his beak. He nips
my fingers lovingly; clamps his suckers onto my face.

I am ripped away unwillingly, pulled towards the sky
by something furious, and persistent.

I am in my room. Reality weighs and wavers upon me like

aurora borealis.