I hated that no one knew about us. It was so unfair. God only thought to mention our twins in the apocalypse, not us. They would lead to world out, we all knew that, but to where. I don't think even they knew that.

But while they were waiting for the end of the world, we were all stuck here on this planet which was slowly dying, being tortured. Not that our twins were helping the planet, or its inhabitants.

My twin is the worst, Death, the one that finally gets everyone. The others aren't so bad after Death. I suppose that without him none of the rest of us could exist, except maybe me.

We are kind of related, I'll tell you how it went.

When the bible was being written, four children were born. They were entrusted with a great power, or a skill or you could even call it a gift. But not to us; their twins. Us, the Twins of the horsemen, had the curse to the gift. We were to look after the planet we were put on. We would never age past 19 years, yet still see the years by. It was fun at first but after the first century it got really harder, but it only got worse from there.

I never liked the middle ages, they were dark and horrible. All that horror and destruction. We all knew who was behind it. Our twins had finally managed to get into the good books with Royalty.

Peace finally managed to get his message through to everyone and the world got some kind of tranquillity again. Thinkers were able to think and express themselves, and the twins managed to find entertainment in South Asia.

But now they are trying to get the world back to how they once had it. And the only people who cna stop them are Peace, Hope, Love and me (Life) We know we have a hard road ahead of us, but the people of today won't cope with a repeat of the middle ages.