"Whoa man," Leander cried, "Watch where you're going next time, huh?"

I exploded in a fit of giggles; Karim put his arm around me to hold me up.

They didn't walk past us like normal people, and they didn't start a fight.

"Would you three help us?" one of the girls asked.

I shrugged.

"Depends," Karim said, "What will we be helping you with?" He winked at the end of his sentence and Leander and I cracked it in a laughing fit.

"We need you to help us save the world." One of the other girls said seriously.

The other girl looked like she was going to faint, she was pale and looked like she wasn't really here.

"That sounds serious are you sure you haven't been passing around the bottle?" I asked

"Or the bong?" Leander chipped in.

All three of us laughed at this.

"No." this made us all quite. The girl who looked like she was going to collapse was speaking. "We are Life, Hope, Love and Peace. Your human views gave us a form. We are required to keep the world in balance and keep out twins in check. You need to help us or the planet will be thrown into the dark ages and locked up. We need to stop them before they shut the door, for good this time."

This lady is my new favourite person, even if she is a little weird.