I woke up on a carpet with a drum band pounding in my head. I opened my eyes and slammed them shut. I groaned. I was so hung-over. I could feel two people close to me. I hope that it's Rasia and Karim. I've woken up next to them before in compromising conditions but never with other people, that always makes me worry about what I did the night before.

I heard two groans in quick succession, one next to me, the other one above me.

"Morning." I jumped. A female voice had whispered. "You kids awake yet?"

I tried nodding but that hurt too much. So I opted for putting my thumb up. Rasia groaned again and Karim made some sort of noise that I don't wish to classify.

The girl continued on in the same quite voice.

"Do you want any coffee?"

"Yes." Karim and I groaned.

"No," Rasia sighed, "Tea. Strong. Black"

This wasn't good; nothing ever is when Rasia starts speaking in one word sentences.

"Sure, give me a minute."

I could hear Rasia starting to move. She always does this. Tries to get rid of the hangover as fast as she can. Karim has the right idea. Just lay there and try to sleep it off. I relaxed and listened to Rasia fighting the hangover and someone moving, making something, probably our drinks.

The sounds of people upstairs made me think about what happened last night. We were walking around, I remember that. I think that we had gotten kicked out of somewhere for something or other. We must have met these people on the street.

Rasia had stopped her groaning and had gone quiet, a part from breathing.

"Rasia?" Karim whispered.

"Yeah" She whispered back.

"What happened last night and where are we?" He asked. We must have been thinking along the same lines.

"We went out to the pub. Played several drinking games. Got kicked out. Walked around a bit. Ran into these four people. I think that we are supposed to help them with something important. They took us to their house so that we would be closer."

I had listened to this with interest. Something strange about Rasia was that she could remember things that happened when she was so drunk she could pee a swimming pool and when she was higher than the clouds on sugar, or something of the like. It was good sometimes, like now. Other times, it was something that she hated.

The girl walked back in with our drinks. Rasia jumped up to grab hers, and fell back down again, clutching at her head. Karim laughed and I smiled. Rasia was always rushing these things. I heard Karim groan and knew that he rushed things too. I sipped at my drink relaxing as it cleared my headache. When I had finished the drum band had finished their solo and people took up their turn at the mic in my head. I looked up at the audience, giving them my full attention.

"Do you remember anything?" One of the girls asked.

Karim and I turned to Rasia. She nodded.

"So you'll help us save the world?" The girl who gave us drinks asked?

"What!?" Karim and I both yelled. Rasia smirked.

"I was getting to that." she said.

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