Chaos Realm

Note~ made all this, Characters are mine and all,I made up the places too and the names are fictional and I do apologize if they are related to some people in real life.. I wouldn't know that would I?

~ Where.. Am I?

I open my eyes to a place that is lighted by blue and white, the walls around me are quite high and when I look around, there seems to be an endless number or corners to tur to and a few rooms that are empty.

How did I get to this mysterious place?

There doesn't seem to be a single soul in sight and so I continue to walk around, hoping to find at least one person to help me, but then I start to realize that my efforts are seemingly pointless because this place feels like a ghost maze with no one but me as the lost girl, trying to find her way around. In the end, I just walk in circles until my gaze falls on a woman standing a few feet away from me and my first action is to run towards her, but in the midst of my running I suddenly stop dead.

The woman who had waist long black hair, wearing a simple blue dress that seemed to bring out the curves of her body seemed to disappear, I couldn't see her face but when I walked towards her, she seemed to fade away in a small whirlwind of blue and silver dust. I stood a few inches away from the woman who slowly faded and completely disappeared in a few seconds.

Panic and fear fills my brain.

What was that I just saw? Was it death? Do people die like that if they stay in this mysterious place too long? How much time has passed since I was here? And how... Did I get here in the first place?

I shouldn't panic so much right now because if I do, things might get worse. I have to think, how do I get out of here? How did I get here? I helplessly decide to lie down on the floor and stare at what seems to be a sky or a ceiling of blue, thinking of a possible way to leave this place, until I hear footsteps.. Real and very light footsteps. I get on my feet and turn around to see a man whose eyes quickly attracted me. Such fiery red eyes! Who wouldn't be attracted to that? He had pale skin and had jet black hair that fell neatly on his forehead. The man is quite young and handsome, he can't be more than 20 or 25 years old. The phrase "looks could kill" is an understatement when it comes to the young man right in front of me.

"What's your name little girl?" The man asks me, his voice is gentle and charming as I look at his crimson eyes before giving an answer.

"E..Erii. Eriisa." I stutter as I say my name, I wanted to say my name more properly but my voiced just, Squeaked.

"It's a lovely name. Eriisa." My name leaves his lips and I just.. I have no idea how to explain it but certainly this person has the ability to mesmerize any girl who sees him.

~ I don't know what happened next but the man brought up his hand to touch my cheek and it felt so warm, so sleepy too that I closed my eyes right on the spot because I couldn't resist it and odd enough, I did fall asleep, not even caring if I hit the ground or anything.

The warm and peaceful sleep came with a dream about Ion, my boyfriend. I wonder what he's doing right now? Maybe studying, looking for me perhaps, maybe cooking dinner or waiting for me to come home. I also dream about my home, Meia, the capital of they country Estelle, but in the midst of all my dreams, everything shatters and my eyes carefully open. I find myself on a bed with lovely blue and black silk sheets, I look to the left side of the bed and see the man from earlier sitting on the bed. Was he waiting for me to wake up? I sit up and look at him.

"You're awake, did you sleep well? I haven't told you my name yet, I'm Chaos." he says, still having that gentle tone of voice.

"Where am I?" I ask on impulse as it is the first thing that I think of.

"Chaos realm, a place in between life and death."

What does Chaos mean by between life and death? I certainly can't be dead yet since I'm apparently still talking, breathing and in a better term feel alive, but upon hearing the words "between life and death" I feel a bit uncomfortable about knowing where I really am. Who wouldn't be scared knowing about the possibility that you may be already dead without being aware of it?

The silence that fell on us is awkward so Chaos suddenly asks me what I eat or what I want to eat, food actually exists in this mysterious place.

"What do you eat Eriisa? Are you fond of sweets?" he asks me.

"...I'm not a picky eater, so I guess I eat anything that's yummy." I reply shyly, being with Chaos seems to shatter my confidence and ability to commune with men.

Chaos snaps his fingers and in an instant, a tray filled with hot and delicious food appears on my lap, being able to do that is quite interesting.

The tray is composed of delicious food, mashed potatoes swimming in hot gravy, roast beef and mushroom soup, iced tea and orange juice with a slice of chocolate cake. I dig in but I don't forget my manners, though I do forget to take it easy on the food. In just minutes I finish the entire tray of food and Chaos looks amazed at how much I could eat in such a short span of time that he laughs and I blush red. If the food is that yummy then savor each bite!

Chaos resumes looking at me, analyzing my features so carefully that you'd think he's taking thousands of pictures of me by just using his eyes, those crimson red eyes that could make any girl faint on where she stands. I stared back at him, moving my face closer to his that I soon realize one move could bring my lips on his, though I only moved out of curiosity and plain childishness. I can feel his breath on my neck, warm and steady that my heart beats faster on each passing second. It makes me wonder why he isn't stopping me from getting close.. THIS CLOSE.

"Why aren't you stopping me? I'm so close to you already." I question him but Chaos simply gives me a smile.

"I haven't had the company of a human before, what more a girl, so being with you pleases me a lot since I'm virtually alone here."

I couldn't speak or give an answer, I just fell into a really deep state of thinking. I moved away from Chaos and fell back on the bed, he does have a point of being virtually alone here, except for the girl I saw earlier but I doubt she was here as long as me. I wonder how long I'll be here and if I'll stay here. As for the bed I'm on, it's so cozy that I can't seem to get up from it and all I want to do is stay down but I have to get up soon enough. Like now.

"You must like the bed a lot Eriisa." Chaos says then chuckles as it's very obvious that I like the bed.

"It's comfy, I can't seem to get off the bed." I run my fingers on the silk sheets, soft and warm.. I bet it took a lot of money to have the sheets.

"It'll take some effort to get off."

Well, I already have some rest and I'm all rested up so I might as well explore this ghostly yet calming maze. I quickly jump off the bed and put on my shoes. Chaos watches my every move, I really should stop getting his attention.. Oh wait, he can't help but give me ALL his attention since I'm the only one here. I walk around the very spacious room and wonder.. How did Chaos survive this isolation? Won't he go crazy from being all alone? That aside, I made my way out of the room but oddly, I couldn't get out. All I needed to do was get past the doorway but to no avail I couldn't get out.

"What is this? Why can't I go out?" I ask.

"There's a protective barrier on each room here, they activate once occupied." Chaos explains then points to a tiny bell on the wall.

I ring the tiny bell and try to step out, oh, well that was quite interesting. I explore the place, turning at every corner I see and entering the few rooms that I pass then I notice that Chaos isn't following me.

I don't know my way around this place and even if I did, the endless corners and high walls make it so confusing. I should stay in one place for now and hopefully, Chaos notices that I'm not around anymore. I sit down on the floor and play with my necklace, a gift Ion gave me for my 16th birthday. The chain is a lovely silver with a blood red ruby as the pendant. It's only been a day or so but I already miss him, I wish I knew how to get home but honestly, I have no idea on how to get home.

~ "So you have a lover?" Chaos' voice pops out of thin air and I realize that he's sitting right next to me. Wow. Ninja moves.

"Yeah, he's back home I guess, waiting for me." I reply in a dreamy tone, my thoughts drifting to Ion.

"Is he a nice person? What's it like to have a lover?" Chaos asks with full curiosity.


I never imagined someone to not know how it feels to be loved. Guess I should explain it.

"How it feels.. It feels safe to have the person you love and who loves you back near. It feels happy and at times sad when it comes to quarrels. I can't explain it any further, you have to feel it." I know my answer is lacking in words but I hope it's enough to satisfy Chaos for now.

"I see.. It has to be felt. Thank you for the answer... I had a lover, once.. Though it was quite a long time ago." There's a hint of sadness in his reply.

The isolation here made him ask.

Of course, who wouldn't ask such a question to a girl who is loved and not eternally trapped in this place? It makes me want to keep Chaos company for a little while just so he'd feel what it's like to not be alone, even for just a bit. Ion wouldn't mind a short stay, I'll just lie a little to him so he won't find out, or else he'd freak out to know that I was with a very attractive guy.

I get up on my feet, cheery and active, It might please Chaos when I tell him that I'm staying for a bit until I find a way to get home.

"Since I don't know how to get home yet, it is okay if I stay here for a bit?" I tell him, a smile playing on my face.

"You'll... Stay here for a while?" Chaos' eyes widen, as if he cant' believe what I just said.

"Yeah, just a while until I find a way to get home. Okay?"

Chaos' face lights up with happiness, I'll stay for a week then find ways to go home. A week certainly won't hurt me but it will freak Ion out because I didn't tell him or ask permission, I'll just tell him I went on a short trip to some exotic place and forgot to tell him but in exchange I know I'll get one heck of a sermon when I get back home.

Anyway, I'm doing this for the greater good.

Chaos gets up then hugs me, wow, his body is really warm, just like Ion. I know he's smiling and pleased but a week is a week, after 7 days I'll have to find ways to get home.

"But! You have to go help me get home okay?" I say my condition.

"Alright, Though going home won't be a bit pretty for you Eriisa." he says, then turns around.

~ He knows something but I don't think Chaos wants to tell me just yet, so I suppress my urges to ask more and tell myself I'll ask him later.

And so, my days with Chaos started, though the silence here is driving me a bit crazy and being all alone here could more or less make me mentally ill, I mostly stay in the big room I woke up in and Chaos entertains me in ways a human can NEVER imagine.

Like there was one time that I told Chaos I loved butterflies and sweets, when I took a nap and woke up, the room was filled with all kinds or butterflies and when I touched them, they would become something sweet for me to eat, or if I wanted a change of clothes I can just picture it in my brain and it would materialize right in front of me.

I must say, I can get quite used to this.

"You have a wild imagination for making these dresses Erii. How do you do it?" Chaos asks and takes one of the several dresses I made. He also calls me Erii now, saying that Eriisa was too formal.

"I just do it I guess, I think about it real hard or just daydream and there... I have a dress."

"You can make more than just dresses Erii." he takes me hand and holds it tight then I felt something when he let go, I realized that I was holding a lovely necklace.

A necklace with a silver chain and for it's pendant, it was a crescent moon with a butterfly perched on it. What a pretty thing, I'm fond of jewelry in Meia, but for my eyes to see something so unique and intricately designed, it makes all the other pieces I see back home look so simple. Chaos takes it from me and puts it around my neck, along with Ion's gift. I looked at myself in the mirror, the necklace seemed to have a blue glow as it hung on my neck.

"That necklace has endless power, it draws energy from here so it will never run out. So wherever you are in the world, it will provide you with protection, though it is up to you to discover the other secrets it holds."

"Thank you! I'll take good care of it!"