Ellen sprinted down the street, jumping over a flower bed. She launched herself over a flight of descending stairs leading to the subway.
Skidding to a stop, she glanced at a gas station. Oh boy.
Ellen cut towards the convenience store.
In a few quick movements, Ellen was inside and behind the robber. "You know, robbing a gas station is only worth it if they have beef jerky." Ellen said, slamming his head onto the counter.
Grabbing his wrist, she kicked the back of his knee and slammed him against the wall.
Two punches brought his surrender.
Ellen glanced down at her gauntlets. They held up.
"Call the police." she told the storekeeper.
She heard a gun click.
"This whole time, I've been trying to get my hands onto you, Whiplash. Now you're here."
Ellen chuckled.
In two swift movements, the whip curled around his gun and she caught it. "Two things to know. One, I hate bad guys, and two, I'm not called Whiplash for nothing." she growled, cuffing them to the fridge door. "Have a nice day, sir."
Ellen ran off, tightening her armor.
Ellen returned home, stowing her gear in a duffel bag.
"Hey! Stephenson! I want my rent!" her landlord growled.
Ellen fished twenty dollars from her pocket. "There. That's two weeks."
Her phone rang shortly after she came in the door.
"Hey, hey, Ellen! I heard Whiplash saved a gas station. It would make a great story, don't you think? Anyways, I wanted to know if you'll be my cameraman. Ronny's out with a cold."
"Uh, sure. Sure, I could camera."
"All right, I'll be there in a little bit."
Ellen steadied the camera on her shoulder as she filmed the reporter.
"What we see now, is the work of local superhero, Whiplash, who has resurfaced once again after a disappearance. Mr. Horlaker, tell me, how does it feel to have come in contact with Whiplash?"
"Well, first of all, Whiplash is an amazing fighter. She knocked them out in a few hits!"
"Now, you say she. How do you know?"
"The voice. She said something to the burglars, I don't remember what, something about beef jerky. But then, out comes the signature move, the whiplash. She strips the gun without releasing the second burglar."
"Fascinating. Mr. Horlaker, if Whiplash was watching this right now, what would you say to her?"
He looked into the camera and said. "Whiplash, I'm now your biggest fan!"
"You heard him, Whiplash. This is Julie Riche reporting for Channel Ten News."
Ellen cut the recording.
"Thanks, Ellen."
"No problem." she said in her deeper tone. "So, do you think this story will be big, Julie?"
Julie shrugged. "I'm still an intern, maybe they'll host it, who knows."
"Why do you chase Whiplash's stories so much?" Ellen asked.
"They're a great addition to our city. You know I'm not a big fan of subways since...you know, but with Whiplash roaming, I think I could take the subway without worry." Julie said.
"But you have a car." Ellen said.
Julie laughed. "Not for long. The pay isn't enough to keep the car. I might have to sell it." Julie said, unlocking the door.
Ellen loaded the camera inside and climbed into shotgun.
"The thing is, Ellen, I'd give up my job if I could learn who Whiplash is. I don't know why, but they have had a tremendous impact on my job...I...well."
"Maybe one day you'll meet them." Ellen said as they pulled up at her apartment.
"Oh, Ellen, thanks." Julie said.
Ellen nodded. "It was fun."
As Ellen searched her pockets for her keys, she came up with a rolled-up five dollar bill.
"Damn you, Julie." Ellen shook her head.
She rang the bell.
The door opened and she went inside.

Whiplash strode into the parking lot, waiting for the robbers to appear.
"Yo, Whiplash." came a voice from behind.
She turned and a fist slammed across her face.
"You dare show your face after what you did to Ricky? He's in jail!"
"I didn't show my face!" Whiplash gave him an uppercut to the jaw, knocking him down.
"Whiplash!" someone shouted.
A robber fled the scene.
Whiplash raced after him, using the famed whip. It curled around his ankle and sent him sprawling.
Whiplash returned the merchandise and cuffed the robber to a bike stand.
Whiplash retrieved a puppy for a boy and returned home.
"Ellen! What happened to you?" Julie asked when Ellen walked into the building, a black eye decorating her face.
"Got into a scuffle with a drunkard. He thought I stole his money, so he took a jab."
"Ouch. Anyways, I found out Ronny diverted to Local, so now I need a new cameraman...um."
"Sure. I can recommend some people."
"I was hoping you would accept it."
"Yeah, but my job has a really out of whack schedule."
"Hey, Ellen, catch the game last night?" One of Julie's coworkers asked.
"Yeah. Broncos beat the Giants."
"Not that game, don't talk to me about that game."
Ellen laughed.
"Seriously, you spend more time at MY job than you do yours."
"No I don't." Ellen said.
"Kyle! How long does Ellen stay here each day?"
"Exactly four hours and seventeen minutes with thirty-nine seconds, madam!"
"See? You could get paid better if you took a job here."
"Hey, someone has to do the dirty jobs."
"And doing the guard shift at the factory is a dirty job." Julie said.
"Yes, of course. If I didn't do it, you wouldn't have cheap prices for soda, now, missie." Ellen said.
Ellen's phone vibrated. "I gotta go. Hey, Kyle! Fifteen minutes!"
"Seventeen and a quarter, madam!" he called back.
Ellen picked up her phone. "Hello?"
"I need ya in the factory by eleven."
"That's four minutes away!" Ellen said.
"Fine. Be here."
Sighing, Ellen sprinted down the street, running towards the factory.