A/N: This takes place in a city I make up as I go along, so it's not a real city in the U.S.A.

Chapter One

This is about a group of four teenagers during the summer break in between their sophomore and junior years of high school. So they're sixteen years old, except for the girl of the group, she's still fifteen until some point in the summer break. They live in the modern day, but there are creatures that disturb people frequently. To be more exact: demons from the Demon Realm.

After the demons had started coming through from their world a few decades ago, the government created a new kind of police force: Demon Slayers. The Demon Slayers are trained harder than most branches of the government for the demons use dark magic.

Unfortunately, when demons are slain, they're not gone for good; they are pulled back to the Demon Realm to be "recreated". The proof of that is when a demon comes back from the Demon Realm to seek their revenge on the Demon Slayer that slayed it. And it comes back stronger and more powerful.

Now, enough with the demon information, it shall roll out as the story goes; anyway, on to the lives of these four fortunate and unfortunate teenagers: Warren, Alice, Jason, and Daniel.

Alice, a hazel-eyed girl with wavy dirty-blonde colored hair sat on the grass in the middle of a small clearing in the woods. She was waiting, patiently, for something to happen.

There was a rustling in the bushes as she twirled her hair and smiled. Behind her came a large black wolf with white eyes and horns that curved forward. It growled but she paid no heed to it, even as it slowly prowled closer.

Alice stood and turned around to face the demon eye to eye. She smirked as Warren, her friend with dark brown curly hair and brown eyes who is slightly taller than her came up from behind the demon. He took out a steak knife that had a stick of dynamite taped to the handle.

He jumped on to the back of the big wolf and stuck the knife into it, quickly lighting the dynamite with a lighter as the wolf thrashed around, trying to throw him off, howling. Once he lit the dynamite, he slid off and he and Alice ran out of the clearing. They heard howling, then an explosion.

They re-entered the clearing to see nothing. The demon had already faded away back to the Demon Realm to be "recreated". They high-fived, laughing at the demon that was damned to have to encounter them.

"We are to demons, what demons are to regular people," Warren said as he always did after killing a demon.

"You can stop saying that now," said Jason as he came into the clearing from the opposite side from them, "you've made your point already."

Jason is a large, light-brown colored, clean-cut haired fellow, also with brown eyes, but a somewhat different shade of brown than Warren's eyes. He examined the clearing.

"You owe me for the knife."

"Shut up," Warren said.

"No, you shut up."

"You both shut up," Alice said, "This is our fifty-sixth demon kill."

"That's quite a lot for just four teenagers without official weapons," said Daniel as he came into the clearing from the same point Jason did, "It's probably even better than most Demon Slayer teams."

Daniel is almost as tall as Warren, with brown colored, clean-cut but a little messy hair, and has a beer-belly and acne on his face. Also with brown eyes.

"Someday," Warren started, but was interrupted by a yelling voice from outside the clearing to the side.

"It's those damn kids again!" And into the clearing came Superintendent Torx, a large man larger than Jason, bald, and wearing the black uniform with white lining that Demon Slayer Superintendents wear. He was the Superintendent of the Demon Slayers of the city of Morilenne, Texas. The four teenagers hated him more than they hated demons.

"Why don't you four stay out of the Demon Slayers' way?!" he questioned.

"I was just protecting my friend," Warren said, gesturing to Alice and stepping in front of Torx, "She was about to be eaten, and where were you and your 'Demon Slayers'?!" He made air quotes to mock Torx and his teams of Demon Slayers. Warren hated Torx the most.

Torx stood his ground as Warren went on angrily with what he was saying before Torx came.

"Someday, me and my friends will be official Demon Slayers, and we're going to protect this city better than you and all of the Demon Slayers here have. You're going to be remembered as the worst Superintendent ever known. They will regret ever even recruiting you. And we will be known as the best." He spread his arms out to his sides, gesturing to him and his friends.

"You will never be better than me!" Torx yelled in Warren's face, "As long as I'm around, you will never be a Demon Slayer."

"Actually," Warren said, realizing it, "you're right, we won't be official Demon Slayers. We'll just keep doing what we're doing, and we'll still be betterr than you are and ever were, and ever will be!"

"Just stay out of my way," Torx said, and then walked away.

"Asshole," Warren said turning around.

"Well that was an awesome fight," Alice laughed.

"Yeah," he agreed, nodding his head.

"These four are quite interesting. I think I'll send them a gift."