Sister Sins


The question never would be asked,

And for you it was a relief not to answer.

You would never admit that which is true;

Not when it is harmful to not one, but two.


You would always sit back and wonder,

And for you it was almost always sufficient.

You would never admit when it was enough.

Not when you knew it to be a transparent bluff.


He would always remain so oblivious,

And for you that was more than just painful.

You would never it admit it though it hurt so much.

Not when you knew you lost your touch.


You always be jealous of your best friend,

And for you it there was always so much guilt.

You would never admit it when you wanted to cry.

Not when you knew you could no longer lie.

ever fallen in love with the person dating your best friend?

I can't say i speak from experience, but if you can (sorry if this brings up bad memories) tell me if this is accurate on how you felt. if you're okay with sharing that info. you don't have to :)

but either way, what'd ya think?