I wonder about things. Everyone does, that can't be denied. But I like to wonder about things. Anything really, I can wonder about anything. It may be something I see, or just something I think. In the end, I wonder about wondering.

It's a common thing that when you think too much on one word it begins to twist in your head. Wonder. This is where it churns, where the word begins to turn to something else. Won-der. It stirs, the letters tossing themselves out. W-O-N-D-E-R. You can't change its moulding in your mind. Wonder. It's just a word, but now it's become something more. It's been twisted, churned, tossed. It's become something you can no longer control. The very thing that humanity grasps in its control, has been lost to the mind. It's been lost to wondering.

I like to wonder, even when I know it will not bring me anything but confusion. I know there are many things I will never understand, and there are many things that only I will understand in my mind. The day I stop wondering, won't be the day I die; but it will be the day I wish to die.

I'm wondering now, at this very moment, about many things actually. I guess I'll live to see tomorrow at least.