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this contains m/m and is prettyyyy graphic. :)


No matter what he did, he couldn't get Kai off his mind. Ever since Africa, all Aiden could think about were Kai's freckles and the impish grin he constantly wore, accompanied by an ornery glint in his brown eyes. The thought of him was pure torture.

"Aiden, snap out of it, yeah? I've asked you the same question three times," Kai huffed, snapping his fingers in front of Aiden's face. He ran a hand through his messy, black hair and rolled his eyes.

Aiden swallowed, looking down at his lap. "Sorry. I'm distracted…."

Kai snorted, tossing his sketch book onto the floor as he reclined back, sprawling out on his bed, on which Aiden sat beside him, legs crossed Indian style.

"By?" Kai asked snottily, his t-shirt rising up on his flat stomach. Aiden's breath snagged in his throat.

"I. Uh. School."

Kai squinted at him. "It's still summer, asswipe. School hasn't started yet." He sat up, touching Aiden's cheek gingerly. "I think there's something else bothering you; you're tense as hell."

Oh, hell, he knew. Aiden huffed. "Kai…."

Kai laughed quietly. "You need to jerk off."

Aiden raised his brows. "I'm sorry?"

"It'll make you less tense," Kai promised. He kissed Aiden's cheek and stood. "I'll go help Papa with dinner, and that'll give you a few minutes, uh…alone." He winked.

Aiden felt his face burn with a blush. "I've never even…done that, Kai."

"Well, 'bout fucking time. You're a seventeen year old boy, for Christ's sake." He slipped out, leaving Aiden alone.

Swallowing thickly, Aiden tried to relax, stretching out. How did Kai expect him to do this so easily? He gulped, pulling off his shirt and setting it on the pillow beside him. With shaky hands, he unbuttoned his jeans, slipping them down and off, tossing them to the floor. He bit his lip nervously, cupping himself through his boxer briefs, rubbing his hardening length hesitantly, his breath sharp and short. Aiden let his eyes fall shut, hands cursed with a nervous tremor as he pulled off his underwear.

What the hell was he doing? This was all a game of intuition, of instinct. He didn't really know what he was doing. He just knew he wished it was Kai's hand wrapped around him.

He was already almost entirely hard just thinking about Kai's expert hands holding him just right, his full lips kissing down Aiden's chest and stomach until they were posed over the head of his cock. Aiden gasped, pumping himself slowly, swiping his thumb over the head, spreading the pre-cum over his length. He imagined Kai's lips closing around the head, gently sucking his way down, easily taking Aiden into his mouth.

"Jesus," Aiden gasped, quickening his pace. He arched his hips, his left hand gripping the pillow under his head. "Fuck, Kai…." He wiped his thumb over the head again. He couldn't believe he was this hard just thinking about Kai's hot, wet mouth engulfing him, and…shit, he imagined his hands buried in Kai's dark hair, making it even messier. He arched his hips again in vain and bit down on his bottom lip as he imagined Kai taking him in deeper, nearly to the hilt, his throat tight but keen.

Aiden let out a soft moan. "God," he panted, pumping faster still. His legs were trembling, his knuckles white he was gripping the pillow so tightly; he'd never in his life been so tuned on. He felt his cheeks burning, his nose feeling pinched, but no…he huffed; he couldn't get a nosebleed right fucking now. He inhaled slowly, fist tightening around his length.

Kai would lick languidly up his shaft until he reached the head, his tongue lapping up the pre-cum that had gather at the slit, which he tongued sweetly, still pumping Aiden.

"Kai…," Aiden huffed. "So fucking close…"

Kai would give him that smirk, suck down to the base again, his head bobbing, tongue swirling around the shaft. Aiden snapped his hips, covering his mouth to stifle his loud moan, echoing in his ears. Kai would swallow every last drop of come, suck Aiden dry.

His vision blurred and his nose stung; he thought he felt a nosebleed coming on for sure this time, but he was so high on this feeling that he didn't care.

After a moment, he reached for his shirt, wiped off his stomach. Suddenly, Kai was at his side. Aiden jumped, grabbing his underwear.


How'd he not notice Kai coming in? He must've slipped back upstairs while Aiden was drowning in his own head. He pulled on his underwear.

"You ruined your shirt, dipshit," Kai laughed softly, dropping his shirt to the floor. Aiden had no response; he just shrugged. "So. What'd you think about?"

Aiden swallowed. "Uh. Boobs," he said innately.

Kai let out a laugh that was more like a bark. "That's it?"

"Oh, uh. Yeah," Aiden stammered. Kai quirked a brow. Aiden cleared his throat. "Hey, uhm. How many times have you and Keira, uh…y'know."

Kai made a face. "First time in Africa—" Aiden still couldn't believe Kai lost his fucking virginity in Africa, "—and uh. On the plane. On the way home."

Aiden shook his head. "Lemme borrow a shirt."

"If you don't rip it," Kai mumbled. He grabbed a black v-neck tee from his dresser and tossed it to Aiden. "I mean, you're, like, taller and broader than me, so."

Aiden pulled it on, stretching it so it wasn't so tight across his shoulders. He was about as thin as Kai, but he was taller, his torso longer, so he was struggling already to keep the hem of the shirt at a decent length.

"Hilarious," Kai chuckled.

"Shut the fuck up, Babies R Us. There's a reason your papa calls you 'poco Taquito.' You're tiny."

"I'm like, six foot!"

Aiden laughed. "And I'm, like, four inches taller."


Aiden stood, looking around from his jeans.

"Are you going home?"Kai asked, looking petulant.

"I…guess…," Aiden sighed.

Kai pouted. "Fine." He pulled Aiden into a hug, and Aiden's hand settled in the small of Kai's back. He squeezed Kai tightly.

"You're cold."

"It's fucking freezing in here," Kai complained, pressing a chaste kiss to Aiden's collarbone. Aiden closed his eyes, a chill running down his spine. "You've got chill-bumps, too, but you're warm."

Aiden bit his lip. "Mhm." He kissed the top of Kai's head, but neither of them pulled away.

"Do you remember when I was fourteen and we kissed?"

Aiden snorted. "Yes…. You were my first."

"Right," Kai said. "I didn't know if you, like. Remembered."

Aiden smiled softly. "Yeah…I'll call you later, then?"

Kai pulled Aiden down by the back of his neck and pressed their lips together. Aiden's eyes widened, but he didn't dare pull away. His hands settled sweetly, softly, but firmly on Kai's waist, his thumbs pressing ardently against the arches of Kai's ribs, pulling him closer. Kai gasped against Aiden's lips, and Aiden hesitantly moved his lips against Kai's, coaxing them apart. Kai opened his mouth, slipping his tongue passed Aiden's lips.

Gasping, Aiden's hands squeezed Kai's ribcage, and Kai let out a soft, mewling sound that went straight to Aiden's groin. His tongue slid alongside Kai's and traced the ridges of the roof of his mouth. Kai was nearly panting into Aiden's mouth, his arms tightening around Aiden's shoulders. Aiden wanted to laugh because, God, this seemed so surreal. His hands moved, arms coiling around Kai's small middle, pulling Kai closer.

"Aiden," Kai panted, arching his neck. Aiden's mouth slipped to Kai's jaw, and he kissed along it, up to Kai's ea. He nipped the lobe, sucking it between his teeth. Kai let out a wanton whine, and Aiden felt himself starting to get hard again. "Shit…fuck you…."

Aiden's hands moved down to Kai's hips, and he squeezed, his tongue tracing the hollow shell of Kai's ear. Kai was making the most tortured, fucking hot noises Aiden had ever heard, and his whole body was trembling; he could barely stand, depending on Aiden's grip to keep him in place, keep him standing at least somewhat.

"Jesus, Kai," Aiden said, surprised at the gruffness of his voice—the want, no, the need that housed his voice, low and hoarse, breathless. Kai merely whined in response.

"Move…please…I can't stand," he mumbled. Aiden stumbled back to the bed, pulling Kai down with him. He eased Kai onto his back and settled between his legs; hovering above him, Aiden pressed their hips together, absentmindedly sowing Kai how hard he'd made him. Kai gasped, arching his hips against Aiden's. He was hard, too; Aiden could nearly feel the wetness from pre-cum. He swallowed, tugging Kai's shirt off. Kai's breath was quick, his chest rising and falling at a sickeningly hypnotic rhythm. Aiden pulled off his own shirt and then Kai's jeans, leaving them both in their underwear. Though Kai's briefs were black and the wetness couldn't be seen, it was obvious how much pre-cum he'd been leaking. Aiden moaned, cupping Kai's balls through his underwear, squeezing carefully. Kai bucked his hips.

"Off…sticky," he huffed. Aiden slowly pulled off his briefs, watched Kai rut against the air and whine. Aiden wrapped a hand around Kai's length. It felt strange to hold him; Kai was slimmer, smaller than Aiden, who started to pump him, pushing the foreskin back with his thumb. Kai wore a heavy frown, his eyes screwed shut, and Aiden nearly came from the look on his face.

"I want you…God, I fucking want you," Kai moaned, arching into Aiden's fist. Aiden lowered his lips to Kai's ear again, since it was apparently sensitive. "Fuck, Aiden. Fuck you…."

Aiden smirked against his ear, tonguing it again. He had had no idea Kai was so vocal, but he loved it.

"Tell me," he nearly growled. Kai rocked against his hand and spread his legs so Aiden fell closer to him. Aiden rolled his hips against Kai's, his hands moving to hold Kai around his ribcage. Kai huffed again, still bending into Aiden's hold.

"Fucking hot," Kai choked, tugging off Aiden's boxer briefs. He made a desperate, wrecked sound when Aiden's cock sprung free and bounced against his own. Aiden bit down on Kai's shoulder when Kai stated pumping him.

"Kai," he puffed against Kai's collarbone.

"Do you want me?" Kai asked, and fuck, his voice was positively dripping with lust, and it was lower than ever. Aiden arced into his hand.

"You know I do," he mumbled against Kai's ear. "I can't even tell you how long I've wanted you…how much…," he trailed off, sucking on Kai's pulse point. "You are the hottest fucking thing, Kai."

"Want your cock," Kai whined wantonly, wiggling underneath Aiden. He arched his back and rolled his hips so Aiden's cock rubbed against his entrance. Aiden dropped onto his forearms, rubbing against Kai as he watched him with heavily lidded eyes, gasped at the sight of him gripping the headboard, his lips shiny, red, and wet, parted and heavy. Aiden held his legs apart.

"I've got no clue what I'm doing, Kai."

Kai sucked his bottom lip into his mouth and reached for Aiden's cock, gathering pre-cum on his fingers and reaching between them, Aiden holding his legs under his knees. Kai closed his eyes and pushed a long, skinny, slick finger into himself, slowly moving it in and out. Aiden's eyes widened, and he moved his arms, one holding up Kai's legs so he could pump himself with his right hand as he watched Kai push another finger passed the muscle, stretching himself.

"Are you fucking jacking off?" Kai panted. He gasped, pushing down his own hand.

Aiden smearing the pre-cum over the head of his cock. "Yes," he scoffed, completely ashamed with himself. "You look amazing…."

Kai remained silent, adding a third finger to the first two and leaned back on his shoulders so his ass was off the bed. Aiden pumped himself quicker; he wanted Kai so badly, wanted to stretch him and fill him in place of his skinny fingers, hear him scream and make those sounds of need again.

"Kai…lemme…," he breathed. Kai eased his fingers out with a quiet but audible pop, and Aiden spread his legs again, Kai still balanced on his shoulders, most of his body elevated, his legs back in Aiden's hands. "Still want me?" he asked, voice low. He slid along Kai's crack and tried to keep himself from shaking; his efforts proved to be futile, however.

Kai pushed down, rubbing against him. "Aiden, fuck me…." His voice was so fucking hoarse, but Aiden wanted to make it worse. He bit his lip and positioned himself. Hesitantly, he pushed the head into Kai, whose eyes closed and hips dropped, sending Aiden deeper immediately.

"Oh, fuck," he moaned. Kai was so hot, so tight but slick, and Aiden could hardly breathe. Kai lowered his legs slightly, his ankles hooking at the small of Aiden's back. He canted upward, sending Aiden deeper still. Aiden started to move slowly, Kai writhing, groping for the headboard, which he got a hold of as Aiden picked up a smooth rhythm.

"Kai…." Kai's eyes were screwed shut, his mouth open slightly. Aiden shook his head. "I think…I..fuck…nosebleed."

Kai rolled his hips. "Kay…oh, shit…right fucking there," he gasped.

"Shit," Aiden groaned, the skinny river of blood flowing over his top lip. Kai tightened around him, and Aiden moaned, his head hanging between his shoulders as he fucked Kai harder.

"C'mere," Kai growled, pulling Aiden down for a kiss. He pushed his tongue into Aiden's mouth, and by that point, everything was heavy, and he couldn't hear anything but Kai's sharp breaths. Neither of them even cared about the blood spilling from Aiden's nose. If anything, Aiden was even more turned on, which he would've never thought possible.

Kai threw his head back, his lips and nose bloody because of Aiden; he let out a loud moan and shuddered as he came. He made an incredible pleading noise that pushed Aiden over the edge. He gripped Kai's waist as tightly as he could, and then they collapsed, breathless and exhausted.

"Oh, my god. You passed out."

Aiden frowned. "Huh?" He was being shaken, and there was a musical sound in his ears, though it was distant. He shook his head, feeling disoriented. Aiden frowned as his eyes fluttered open.

Kai sat on the edge of the bed with a concerned look on his face. He was fully dressed and not a bit bloody. Aiden swallowed.

"You apparently came, had a nosebleed, and passed out. I was gone for, like, ten...fifteen minutes. I come back, you're passed out, face all bloody. I thought you were dead," he huffed. He handed Aiden a few tissues. "Clean your love juice off your belly and get the blood off your face, 'kay?"

Aiden coughed, pulling the sheet up to his hips as he sat up.

"It was a dream…," he mumbled to himself, wiping off his stomach. "A fucking dream."

Kai ignored him. "Can't believe you passed the fuck out. You girl."

Aiden laughed half-heartedly. "I…yeah." He felt like curling up in a ball and sobbing.

Kai quirked a brow. "Whatever, man." He stood.

"I, uh, I should go." Aiden wiped off his face best he could and clumsily got dressed.

"So soon? Are you okay?"

Aiden shrugged. "I'll be fine." He bit his lip and avoided Kai's eyes. "I'll talk to you later sometime, kay?" he said as he headed for the door.

Kai scoffed. "Uhm. Sure, yeah. Be careful."

Aiden slipped out and ran downstairs and outside to his car. He needed to be home, see his dad and Logan and Dyre. For once this fucking summer, he needed Kai off his mind.

A/N: Aiden has Hemophilia A c: so he gets nosebleeds quite often.

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