This story takes place in the same world as fallen: rise of a hero witch I'm stuck on right now but I hope you like this. If anyone has a tip with writers block please share.

Chp. 1 Awakening

For days I've traveled from that place. So far the further I go the better life becomes literally. The place was cold, metallic and damp. Nothing lived in there except: "bacteria, small mammals, and insects." Why did I say that? Anyway the further I got the more life I saw like trees, flowers, and animals. That's when I saw this giant cat attack and kill a monkey. It brought me back to the memory of my awakening 84 hours 22 minutes ago.

I could hear them as they approached me in that form. They began to talk, "But what if we came back with nothing?" the first one said. "Then we'll keep searching till we find it", the other said. "I hope we find it soon….. I don't want to disappoint John." "I know what you mean he's done a lot for us so this is the least we could do", they said. The first one came forward and said, "Hey what's this thing suppose to look like?" "A giant silver pill with a control board on it why?" the second said. "Because I think I just found it! I'm not sure what happened next but the first one throw his hand up and yelled "high five" the second one ran forward and clapped each other's hand over their heads. It was confusing? The leader I presume stepped up and started pressing buttons on my control board. Then a voice of a woman spoke, "please scan life form" "Oh shit", he said "What!" the other yelled. "Stan still please." "Wha-?" Then a blue light passed over him and I began to take shape. I could feel myself compress and change. My arms were first to take shape then my torso and head finally my legs. I tried to take a step but I fell landing on my hands and knees. I looked up to see the human males standing several feet away backing up to the exit. My vision became red and hazy. Everything zoomed in focusing in on their guns. The rifles lit up blue then nothing. The next thing I remember is standing at the entrance looking down at the corpse of one of the males. His blood pooling around him and his cloths smoldering.

What have I done? Why did I kill them? They've done nothing. Now I'm here "137miles from Rio Grande, Brazil." How did I know that? What's wrong with me? I placed my hand on a trunk of a tree for support thinking why did I kill them? What happened… why can't I REMEMBER! That's when I felt something. I looked to my hand to see smoke rise off the trunk. I quickly moved away shaking my hand off to realize I'm fine. I look to the tree again. Standing perfectly out of place is a scorched hand print 5 inches into it. I approached it slowly its still smoldering. I rubbed my finger along the imprint only causing it to burst into flames. I jumped back again. I watched as the flames went up growing bigger and bigger. NO! NO! NO! NO! The fire will spread! … what do I do? … Everything will die. Unless…

He suddenly lurched forward at the tree. Going to one knee he plunges his hands in the dirt grabbing the roots. He slowly felt the 953 ton tree lift out of the ground. It came free. Now what? He didn't know how but he knew there was a body of water north east of here. "This will work? I hope." He turned N.E. and put the tree at a 45 degree angle and shifted the tree to a spear throwing position. Most of the tree was ablaze. He leaned back and let loose. The tree was now flying high over the canopy it was finally out of his sight... those were the longest seconds of his 84 hours and 37 minutes life. Just waiting for the crash of wood hitting anything. Will it hit the water or land and spread the fire. That's when he heard the crash of wood hitting water. All the tension left his body he let his shoulders slump down and let out what might have been a sigh but it was more of the sound of steam leaving a kettle. He continued his way north towards the large settlement of humanoids. Hopefully there friendly.