I haven't proofed. I just wrote this about 20 minutes ago.

The clock blinked 11:03 PM on the edge of the toolbar on the older HP Mini, currently sitting on a clipboard to keep the heat from effecting the computer. It is being typed upon furiously, but for every good amount of key-typing, there is about ten longer clicks of the backspace button. It's rather annoying, and sometimes entire pages get eased because the text is simply not good enough. What the hell, that's the kind of life.

The clock blinks 11:05 PM, down in the corner it's been put in. A moment later and the clock reads 11:06 PM.

There is school tomorrow. A test in Spanish class and math class, and English paper due, homework in Physics, no lunch, Polo practice. There are boys and girls to talk to, partner up with, hate against, share with. Logically, anyone who starts school at 7 o'clock in the morning should already be asleep, but the draw of the Internet acts as if an incredibly strong magnet, pulling. There are always stories to be written, games to play, things to publish, blogs to follow, posts to like, everything the Internet has to offer. And then, there is more.

But at 11:09 PM, there is much sleep to get to be ready for the next day. And at 11:10 PM, it is possible to get the necessary five hours of sleep needed for the human to function. 11:11 PM, so special, and yet, not. It's amazing how someone can go to sleep so late, not eat lunch because lack of, and still play a sport. It is pretty damn amazing.

No one pays attention to when bedtime is in high school, if homework has been completed, if ID's are waiting on the bedpost, if lunch is made or eaten. No one cares, really. They all think high schoolers are ready to do their own thing, and most of the time, yes. But there are those moments when we don't have anything together and could use help. Those are the moments families are needed. And friends. And when those are non-existent?

It's not good.

11:14 PM. The clock blinks, the time changes. Everything stays the same, yet everything changes.

Thanks for reading.