The sight of the gun shells, landmines exploding, bullets flying, bombs dropping, planes crashing and most of all the men and women dying. It is just awful. The smell of the rotting carcasses. The smoke from the guns and bombs. The smell of the men who haven't had a bath in months because they are to busy laying down their lives. The smell of the jet fuel above the soldier's heads. The worst smell of all is the smell of the drop toilets that do not have the right plumbing and septic system. The sound of the bullets exploding as they leave the barrel of the gun. The sound of the bombs that are dropping on the soldier's heads. The sound of the whistling that the missiles make when flying at our planes and other vehicles. The feel of the lead bullets piecing though the skin and blasting away the flesh. The feel of the cold metal trigger on the gun. The feel of the grenade as the solider rips the pin out and throws it away. The sound of the clattering of the machine gun turrets when they shoot down vehicles and men. The worst feeling that there is the one how the solider has to take away someone else's life away from them. Once you kill someone they are gone for food, and there's nothing they can do about it. The solider must live with that one feeling forever. The tastes of the soldiers dry mouth because of lack of food and water. The taste of the lead in the air from all the bullets flying.