'Round the hanging tree, swaying in the breeze, in the summer sun, as we two are one'

Some things cannot be felt while others can. Iris was a girl like any other in Budapest Hungary, she grew up in an improvised home. Her father was some man she never met and as for Iris's mother, she herself was a prostitute. A three legged work horse as those in the brothel dubbed her. Her name was Ellissa, when Ellissa's girl Iris became 14 she was told that she would be taken to a man who would make her life better. The Man tried to take Iris by force, Iris resisted, and screamed. All the while Ellissa cried in the adjacent room. Her tears were calloused with the realization that she had forced the same fate upon her little Iris.

Two weeks later, Iris was broken menially and on the verge of being spiritually broken. Bitter and cold, Iris wanted nothing more then to seek revenge on the men who had stolen her purity. One thing that Ellissa had given Iris was a ring, of which gave her tel-apathetic powers. So sensitive was Iris to this that she could see things not only in the life at present but those in the life to come.

Iris slept for a final time. She was beaten by The Man every evening in order to break her spirit. He beat her so brusquely this time that she neared deaths door. As Iris lie on the floor hemorrhaging from wounds that had been placed there by her abuser, she thought of what would come for those that had wronged her. Also for the men that had stolen what she had in a child hood, Raped daily, she passed painfully after all the blood had drained from her wounds. Iris's bused body was thrown into a hole and covered with mud.

5 years passed

The ring was left on her decayed finger as she walked the earth waiting until the time was right; waiting to enter once again. Full crescent moon in Budapest, the now hardened dirt stirred. She rose from her entangled grave. Iris was dirty full fleshed and covered in ancient rusted blood. She looked down at her hand the ring her mother Ellissa had given her was still upon her ring finger empowering her.

The Man that had beaten Iris to death was in jail ready to leave. Three men had raped her repeatedly before her death; The Man first then two others.

The Man was released from his five year prison sentence, falsely revealed to be out on charges of sex trafficking now that he had 'served his time'. He was ready to call up old contacts to start up the 'business' again. Iris could see exactly where he was, as the ring aided in her being able to see where he walked and what he said. She was lead to an hostel where she checked in. The semi-lunar orb shining within the center of her eyes knowing she would have her revenge.

Daylight spilled onto the city landscape of Budapest. Not much else was there to see other then the poverty, drug use and the ache. Always the ache for vengeance, peace and most of all freedom. Iris was clothed in tenebrous leather pants, hugging her slender frame. A chromatic blouse flowed over her chest. She left the hostel cleaned up and in her vindictive attire. Transporting in the spirit world as a white dove from one location on earth to another within seconds. She was the dove maiden who would liberate the women of Budapest.

'I believe in your victory.' The phrase that repeated in her mind. Iris's mother Ellissa had long been dead but her mothers blood cried for peace. Ellissa said, 'I believe in your victory' and this statement kept Iris going She was to avenge the women of Budapest and most of all her own soul.

She flew in the spirit to the location of where the third of her rapists lived. There Iris perched upon the roof, morphing back into human form she jumped through the window shattering the pane startling her former abuser inside. He then got up and reached for his glock. Within a split second Iris knew his every move. Kicking him to the floor with her foot on his neck she finally was the one in control. She aimed the glock at his head and instead she shot him in the groin crippling him for the rest of his sad life unable to hurt any woman ever again.

Next she transported as a dove to the location of her second abuser. He was in the process of having sexual affairs with another 15 year old who wasn't exactly thrilled to be where she was. Lured in by the money and under the influence of morphine to dull her defenses. Iris flew into the room where they both were, noting his butt was in the air.

Morphing into her human form again, Iris kicked his ass throwing him across the room causing him to land on the stone floor. The girl lay there with hardly any movement her eyes rolling within her head. Iris grabbed the girls arm at the injection sight causing the wound to swell. She closed her eyes focusing as the drug dripped out. As second abuser turned around Iris instantly kicked him to the floor saying, 'Do you not recall who I am?!' In the shadows of the dimming light his eyes became as saucers.

He then remembered who Iris was as no words left his mouth. She snapped his neck killing him instantly. The young girl came to some time later, all the morphine had drained out as the wound healed. Iris became a dove again and flew out the window to face off with the final and most horrific abuser of all.

The Man

I am a man, I'll give you something you won't forget...I said you shouldn't have worn that dress...You wouldn't want me to have to HURT YOU TOO?'

Iris recalled this tune when she knocked down the door of The Man. Only now the tables were turned and he was the one in distress. The darkness bound Iris and His spirit was overwhelmingly atrocious. Burn your wicked garden down. Iris kicked his teeth in, as he spat them out she drop kicked him across the room. Glowing sex filled eyes looked upon her, disgusted Iris kicked his face once more. He only became that more aroused, 'Is that ALL YOU'VE GOT IRIS?!'

Terror gripped her as she realized this would be no easy task.

The Man grabbed her by the heals straddling her. He whipped out his knife wounding her chest staining her blouse red. He was more then ready to rape her again. Iris felt a sickening dread overcome her. Disgusted and rebellious, Hate filled and angry, she mustered up all of her remaining strength. Changing into a dove flying over The Man's head. The Man wounded her physical form and her dove spirit was bleeding in flight.

Trapped, Iris morphed back into her human form. As she did so she saw a vision of her mother Ellissa calling and giving her the final strength to end this madness once and for all.

She grabbed her knife and flipped across the room in an angle that confused The Man. Before he knew what was happening his neck was slit wide open. He was startled, and yet still had a waning smile of lust as he died.

Her revenge was complete.

Walking amongst the graves of dried poppies, Iris lay amongst them. Morphing one final time as her body lay where the dove of her spirit ascended into the heavens. No longer shackled to the shadow of her past, she was at long last free.