Is not education
quite a strange thing?
You learn,
and you learn,
you then realize;
how dreadfully little
you actually know.

Education is more
than Grammar and Math,
those are just rules;
rigid and stuck.

So open your eyes,
and remember today;
not everything
has an answer that's final.
Sometimes the answer is:
"Think for yourself!"
Sometimes two answers
are equally true.

Remember all that,
next time you go away from the classroom
and think to yourself:
"But now I just feel,
like I know less."
How could you ever gain knowledge anew
if you think to yourself:
"I know everything."?

Your mind must be open
to thousand new ways;
all which contains
a glimmer of truth.
No right and no wrong.
No black and no white.
Nothing is simple
when knowledge is gained.

In the end that's the reason
why we go to school.
The goal here is not
to give you the answers;
rather the goal is teach you to ask;
all those questions which opens your eyes.

Be critical now and remember, my friend:
Your teachers are here to help you along,
on this long windy path,
which is called life.
But you are the one
who must walk the way.

Education is more
than you learn in school,
it's part of your life;
so open your eyes.