Present Day

I winced as cuts and bruises began to heal themselves. My body had kept still all night—curled in a ball on the loose gravel rooftop, and my skin now speckled with dew drops. My throat still burned, and my fangs were still elongated, but my mind was numb as I slipped in and out of sleep; memories of my first night as a newborn flitting through my mind. The mess on the docks had been cleaned up a few hours ago, but Xander didn't even throw his glance my way.

I looked down at my hands, stained with blood, covered in sparkling dew drops. These were the hands of a killer; these fingers had caressed countless dead bodies as life had drained from the veins of the weak. I suddenly felt sick, realizing how much of a monster I was. How much I deserved to die…but how can one who is already dead…

I would end, the thought ran through my mind in a splash of crimson light.

My body wouldn't perish in a fire, my lungs wouldn't collapsed from being immersed in salt water, my heart wouldn't stop from a bullet…I would just sink into the earth…and end. The only way permanent death would kiss my lips for a final time would be the blazing sun that was slowly rising over the horizon. My silver eyes flicked over to the skyline, slowly being silhouetted in a honey glow, I sat up, and leaning my head back; offering my neck to the thirsting sun. Small needles began to dig into my ankles and I gazed down at my bare legs, pure untainted light was washing over my alabaster skin. The unrelenting light continued up to my knees, brushing my thighs, swirling across the smooth satin that covered my hips…


I ignored the voice…that voice…the voice that whispered to me as I drained my first victim…the voice that murmured my name the first night of my existence, whose hands caressed my body as his teeth skimmed over my sensitive skin. Those familiar hands wrapped around my shoulders that were still covered in shadow and pulled me up and into a small room. Dust motes swirled around me and the faint glow of pre-dawn light illuminated each individual speck in a silver flash.

"Dammit, what were you thinking," his hands brushed my hair out of my face.

I was pulled onto his chest, and I felt him gasp as the strong smell of blood filled the air. My legs were covered in cuts from the sunlight, and even though they were slowly welding shut, blood still pooled onto the floor. The dress I was wearing had torn when he pulled me into the closet-sized room and his nail sliced through my skin and a fresh line of blood trailed down my ribs. I ignored the pain as the smell of blood filled my nose and my eyes rolled back a little.

The small room seemed to shrink and our bodies pressed together as blazing sunlight flew into the thin window above our heads. His mouth tasted the same, and blood swelled from his lip and trailed down my throat in a warm stroke of crimson. My mind pushed back the thoughts that a few hours ago, my existence almost ended at his hands, and allowed bloodlust to flood my mind.

AN: okay so we're back from the flash back...i'll might do another one soon but i dont know whether to make it when she met Xander or when Aurora left Jarrod ... PM me with what you think i should do