(Seamus and Hamble get onto the bus and sit on the top row)

Hamble: Seamus, why the hell are you so scared of buses?

Seamus: It's not the bus; it's who's on the bus. Take a look. Behind us could be the Irish explosives union for all we know.

Hamble: For all we know, it could be a family on vacation.

Seamus: And look at that fat man. If ever the bus crashed, he would be the perfect airbag.

Hamble: I can agree.

3-year-old: (tugs Seamus' hat) Look mommy, I got cap!

Woman (gives Seamus his hat back): Terribly sorry. He has ADHD.

Seamus: What? Annoying, disorderly, horrible disease?

Woman (scowls): Some people don't understand.

Hamble: You didn't score any points there.

Seamus: Sorry. Now what do we do?

Hamble: Don't know, don't care.

Little girl (Runs around): Hey Brother! Want to play tag on the bus?

Little boy (Runs around): Ok, sister!

Seamus: Now what?

Bus driver (shouts from below): Stop 405! Dublin airport!

Seamus: Our stop. Come on, Hamble. We need to get on the plane to France.

(Seamus and Hamble get off)