(Hamble and Seamus are sitting inside an airport café)

Seamus: Finally. I'm away from the annoying little twerps on the bus.

Hamble: Well you did insult somebody with ADHD.

Seamus: That little snot stole my hat.

Hamble: Ok. Look, we had better board the plane now. Let's go!

(They get on the plane)

Pilot (over the speaker): Welcome to Happyflight. Today's journey to France will take approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes. The stewardesses will be delivering food, drinks and other items to passengers shortly. We hope you enjoy yourself.

Seamus: Enjoy myself? Flipping enjoy myself when the chubby kid exactly 3 seats away from me has a throat infection and severe chickenpox? What sort of plane is this?

Stewardess (pushes a trolley towards Seamus and Hamble): Hello! Would you like some food?

Seamus: Ok….what's on the menu?

Stewardess: pork pie, lettuce sandwiches and fishcakes.

Seamus: No thank you. I would prefer your food standards to be raised.

Stewardess: Would you like a drink?

Seamus: Not particularly, seeing as you have catered to the Sniffles kid over there.

Hamble: I'll have a beer please.

Pilot (over the speaker): We are coming in to land now. Please put your seat belt on. We will be landing at Avignon airport shortly. Thank you for flying with Happyflight.

(Seamus and Hamble get off)

Seamus: Finally. Let's get on the hotel bus.

Hamble: Ok. I think we're staying at Resort Du Avignon or somewhere.