The room was dark, barley lit. A few stray lamps were dotted around but nothing more. Tall grey work-tops lined the room. The tops of them were littered with a variety of objects; racks of test tubes filled with a multitude of colours, bubbling pots exploding with the smell of acid, hundreds of rats jam-packed into small cages; a mad scientists lab in full flow. In one corner sat a small wooden desk that was falling apart. One leg had a massive hole in it, another propped up by a pile of books. Sat on the desk was a mountain of books, all with complicated sounding titles. Adjacent to this was a worn out laptop. The screen was scratched and several of the keys were missing. Behind the laptop were 3 photo frames; the first a couple with wild manes of brown hair, grinning ear to ear, the second a scruffy looking Labrador with a shiny brown coat, the third a beautiful young woman, she had long flowing blonde hair surrounding a perfect heart-shaped face. On a rickety chair, in front of the laptop, sat a man, who certainly looked like a mad scientist. He had brown hair that stuck out at odd angles, crooked glasses perched on his grubby nose and long white coat, stained with un-identified splodges. He stared at the screen with immense concentration, whilst his fingers tapped impatiently on the side of his leg. His other hand was poised above a notebook, with a pen. He bit his lip. He knew the answer was there somewhere, but he couldn't quite work it out. Suddenly his eyes lay upon the paragraph he needed. His eyes widened. After feverishly searching many documents he may be one step closer to his goal. Pen touched paper and he furiously began to copy the text. Just then the laptop gave out a wheeze and sparks flew. The screen went blank. The man groaned and his head dropped to the desk. He barely had enough money to eat, let alone fix his pathetic excuse for a computer.


My walk home from school could be extremely pleasant. The streets are lined with chestnut trees, their leaves swaying gentle in the late summer breeze. Bordering the trees are many different flowers, pinks, oranges, yellows, all bursting to get to the sunlight. Today the sky is clear and a magnificent blue. Birds swoop past, twirling and spiralling, like a ribbon caught in the wind. Most people are smiling and cheerful in their everyday life. Joggers, people walking their dogs and kids playing in the street. However all that changes, around 3.20, when I'm walking home from school. Kids are rushed inside by their mothers and joggers turn the other way. The cage doors are opened and the beast is unleashed. And like a roman slave, I am left alone to fight it.

Today was like any other day. I went to my last lesson of the day, pushing the thought to the back of my mind. I concentrated on whatever the teacher was talking about and kept myself busy by completing all the work, today it was treaties made after the First World War. The clock ticks towards 10 past and that's when I start to get nervous. I start to breathe faster, my hands get sweaty and I get butterflies in my stomach. Then I have to remind myself that I need to stay calm. Maybe this time I'll out run them. Or perhaps they'll find a new target. Never the less I prepare myself. I wipe my hands on my trousers, tie my shoelaces and try to control my breathing. The clock strikes quarter past. Frantically I shove my school supplies into my bag and swing it over my shoulder. As I run out I can faintly hear someone calling my name but I don't look back. Pushing open doors. Squeezing through the crowd. My breath quickens as I push open a final set of doors and sprint across the car park. Car horns beep, people shout, but all I can hear is my heart pounding. Out of the car park I head towards Oval Street. I look behind me. Nothing out of the ordinary to be seen. Turning the corner into Oval Street I smile. Today must be my lucky day.

Suddenly I hear a voice, "Going somewhere, worm?"

Out of an alley way a hungry pack of wolves appear. And I'm the dish of the day.