Tobias sat at his desk, pushing a pencil back and forth. His head lay on a pile of books, his eyes set dead ahead. Every now and then he thought about getting up, but what was the point. All his experiments failed and no one would hire him. He wouldn't even get a job as a waiter because 'he didn't look right'.

A long, heavy sigh expelled from his mouth. Closing his eyes he stopped pushing the pencil and just listened to the world going by. His lab was far enough away the town so that he wasn't disturbed, but close enough so he could buy his provisions. It was a Wednesday night but there was still a substantial amount of noise leaking from the town. The muffled sound of dance music was his background for most nights. Tobias remembered back to when he liked music. Not this trash, but proper music. But since the accident he had little time for things such as music. His reminiscing was interrupted by the sound of heavy footsteps, which stopped directly in front of his window.

"Shit. Oh shit shit shit!"

"Dude, he might not be dead."

Tobias' ears pricked. He stood up and peeked out the window. Two teenage boys wearing baseball caps stood panting.

"He was freaking coughing blood! Have you ever watched CSI? That's not good, I'm telling you, man."

"Come 'on. Let's get outta here before the cops show up."

As the footsteps disappeared into the distance, Tobias shot out the door. He didn't really know why he was running; he just knew he had to get their quick. Throwing open the front door, he looked left and right. The two teenagers had gone left; so right he went. His feet pounded the ground. His eyes were alert. His ears pricking at the slightest sound. All he could hear was his heart beating. Suddenly his eyes spotted something lying on the ground. Eyes wide with anticipation, he ran over to it. There, staring up into the sky, was a boy lying in a pool of blood. Grazes covered his body.

Kneeling down, Tobias asked, "Hello? Can you hear me?"

No response. Swiftly, he felt for a pulse. It was barely there. Tobias straightened up and bit his lip. He couldn't do anything until he knew who this boy was. Just then something shiny caught his eye. Some sort of card was sticking out of the boy's pocket. Carefully, Tobias pulled it out. It was an I.D card.

It read: Name: Evan Walker

Age: 16

If you find this child unsupervised please hand him/her to the local authorities or Cromwell Children's Home

A children's home. Tobias gasped as he remembered back to earlier that day. He needed someone, someone worthless, someone who didn't make any dent on society at all. Somebody no one would miss. He was perfect. He had no family and, by the looks of it, not many people liked him. He's an ant in a forest. If he goes missing, no one's going to make a fuss. Tobias reached in to his coat pocket and pulled out a bottle of grey-black liquid. Tobias took a deep breath. He felt like his was on top of Niagara Falls, about to jump in. Stiffening his jaw he unscrewed the bottle. It's time to take the plunge. Slowly and steadily, Tobias pours the liquid into the boy's mouth. In the distance thunder crashes, as the last drop hits his lips.


Darkness. Black, oh so black. Curved walls surround me. Am I in a tunnel? The street. Shaking up and down. An earthquake? Heavy breathing, coming from somewhere. Darkness. Whips of white float past. The smell of acid. Light. Bright light, obscuring my vision. Hey turn off the light! I'm trying to sleep here. Footsteps ringing in my ear. Spinning, the world won't stop spinning. Darkness. Darkness and a shiver inducing coldness. So cold. The stench of rotten eggs. Red flash. Peanut lies dead on the floor. Then Kathy. Then Rick. Then Emma. An ear splitting scream. Its doesn't stop. Make it stop. Make it stop! MAKE IT STOP!