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A Hellrider Novel - Book 2

I perch here on the stool in my bedroom in front of the dressing table and mirror, day-dreaming as I rhythmically brush through my long silky thin layered jet black locks. It's toward the end of the summer, now, autumn gradually beginning to set in. I've had a pretty relaxing summer, considering everything that I've been through. Katie, Tanya, Sapphire, Ria and I have been able to meet up to go to the beach not far from their school in The Underworld, or some days we'd go with the boys to the beach as well or to the skatepark. Or us girls would go shopping. We haven't gone abroad, this year, however. And at least I get a long break.

I miss my friends. They're great, and at SSAE, I felt like I was at home, kind-of (though I missed home home, too). I hope that they're ok now, though.

I cosy myself up in bed in my Moody Cow PJ's, watching the beautiful sun set rapidly like a blaze. Like an orange-blazed version of the Hellrider.

Author's note:

So, who liked the first book, Hellrider: Secrets? What do you think of the opening to the second season? Hope you liked it?! XD