Chapter 10

I was waiting for Zoe. We were meeting for coffee at ten. It was five past now. I took out my book and started reading. It was one about a vampire detective. It was funny.

I was sitting at the tables outside since it was such a lovely day. Most people were on the lookout for bees and wasps. For some reason I repealed them. That was one reason why my friends always stayed close to me back in Italy and even here. Though Matt usually stays close because I have a gun.

I knew that Zoe would be late. Her car was in the services and she had no idea about bus routes. She had mentioned about having no credit on her phone yesterday and I was positive that she had forgotten. She always forgot.

I took off my black glasses and looked around my surroundings. The sun was shining, people were walking in all sorts of directions. My detective mind picked up things here and there but it mostly shut up.

I took my jacket off. I was wearing a sleeveless brown tank top. I could feel the sunrays on my bare shoulders. From a few tables over a man winked at me. Usually I ignored such men but this one was handsome and had a nice smile. I loved men with nice smiles. Yet he looked familiar.

Handsomely familiar.

Finally, I saw Zoe cross the road. She was walking fast - almost running - and was out of breath when she reached me. Her hair was down which told me that she had left in a rush.

"How long have you sat waiting, Petals?" She asked. I knew she wanted to call me Thorn but that was my twins name. Not mine. For that I was thankful.

"Ten minutes maybe less. Don't worry about it." I assured her. I also lied. I had been here for half an hour. With nothing but the man to look at. Not entirely a bad thing.

As I spoke the man leaned back in his chair and gave me another smile. His friend waved his hand in front of him. The man did not even blink. Poor friend.

The man had dark hair and a good tan. He wore a long sleeved top. Odd... it was boiling out. I found it a mistake taking my jacket off since it almost took my skin with it.

"Sweet sanity betrayed me! I missed the bus." She explained. Zoe had an odd way of speaking but I loved her and you got used to it after a while.

"Like I said, don't worry about it." The man got up and walked away. Yet before he crossed the road he winked at me again. I did not watch his retreating figure. Much.

His friend followed him less gracefully. He seemed unhappy about something. My detective mind refused to shut up about them. Then again, another part of my mind wanted them to come over and talk to Zoe and I.

Oh well... a girl can dream.

Zoe collapsed into the chair across from me. A waitress came and took our orders. I had coffee and an orange. Zoe had tea and a muffin. A chocolate muffin. This was not helping my diet.

"How is your case coming along?" I asked.

"Not so fabulous, Petals. Still no suspect caught or in questioning." She replied. I had guessed as much. As far as I knew, whenever Zoe did a stake out no one came, yet when she is not there the cars get hit every night.

"Do what I did, Zoe. Review the staff but whatever you do, do not ask Matt to take notes. he wrote something's that were so stupid that I could not help but laugh." I giggled. Matt also had a tiny crush on the 'cute blonde'!

"Been there and done that!"

"That Maria - the maid - gives me a bad vibe. I asked her the same questions all the time, I just worded them differently. She had a different answer each time." Only liars change their answers. Zoe knew this.

"We just need some solid evidence before we go pointing fingers though..." She trailed off. Without solid evidence, we had no right to move in. We could be the ones who get arrested if we are wrong.

"How about we secretly put cameras in the house and from my computer we could tape it from my house. To make it easier we could put sensors on them so that it only tapes when someone is in the room." I suggested.

"Sounds like a plan!"

We were sitting in my house with my computer. We were testing the cameras. First Matt had to set them up. Technology hates me and normally refuses to work for me.

Mr Weinstein was the only one who knew. That way if it is one of the staff then we have a better chance of catching them. He was delighted when we said that if something were to happen then we would not only have proof but could get the police involved. We were to also be paid double so now we were both happy. Motivated but mostly happy.

"I'll call Matt." Zoe said. After a minute she hung up. Zoe tried again before putting the phone down.

"He won't answer." She informed me. That was odd. Matt always had his mobile on.

"Let's try it anyway." I switched on the camera. Worse comes to the worse, he would only get an electric shock. Zoe wold cover for me if he blamed me. I quickly found the reason as to why Matt could not answer his phone. He was listening to music on his IPod and dancing...

To the Macarena!

Zoe and I exploded into laughter. He was doing each move perfectly! It took a while to recover. When we finally did we both looked at the computer to see Matt doing the Cha Cha Slide!

Matt seemed to be having the time of his life. He was grinning like the Cheshire cat on Alice in Wonderland.

"That is it! I have this taped and it is going on Utube and Facebook and whatever I can get my hands on!" I laughed. Apparently Matt was having a great time singing and dancing until he looked right at the camera and saw that is was on. His bright red face was just priceless.