Chapter 19

Zoe walked in.

"Have you lot seen the paper?" She asked. I took the newspaper from her. Matt and Ali came to look over my shoulder.

'The Moon Assassin Back From The Grave?'

That was the heading.

'The body which was soon found out to be Danny's had a crescent carved into his body.'



"Rose?" Zoe and Ali gave me a knowing look whilst Matt looked confused.

"I do not know why you are all suspicious of me. I was here all night last night. Besides, my sister and I are Blossom's and we are most certainly not wearing bracelets with a certain moon shape on them." I smirked.

"Yes Rose. All that make-up is to make you look beautiful not to cover up some cuts and bruises." Ali said sarcastically.

"Exactly." I said. We all laughed. I no longer had to live in fear of Danny. My murderer.

My Ex-murderer.