I must say that summer is a very interesting time of year…for two and a half months. I was pretty busy, my great grandmother and grandfather picked me and my sister up to go on our yearly trip with our munchkin cousins. At least I brought my notebooks and laptop, because I know I just would have just fallen down and DIED of boredom. Anyways, we were gonna go out of state this year. Like last year. I can never say I had a bad summer, though. Even if I do spend it all with a paper, pen and a screen taking up all my attention, that can only be broken by my oldest first cousin, Jasmine. She was a soon-to-be sixth grader and had a mind as dirty as mine.

"Whatchya drawing, Kara?" She asked me as we drove down the road in our grandparent's recreational vehicle. "Meeeh." I grunted, sticking out my tongue. "Stuff. I hate long road trips." Jasmine shrugged. "So do I. Too bad we have to sit next to Conner." She mumbled, pointing at her soon-to-be second grader of a brother, who was currently going insane in his booster seat. "Yeah." I mumbled as I got back to drawing.

I was drawing for a two good hours before I was very rudely interrupted by a very hard projectile-seeming object hit my head. "KILEY!" I yelled, very much more than a little angry. "It was Lily" Kiley said, pointing to our cousin, who was nine months older than her. They were both going into fourth grade and had very similar interests, and haircuts.

"Like hell Lily would throw a rock at me, besides, she's reading." I said, pointing to the Babysitters Club book that was in Lily's hand. "Jasmine, you're a witness, what happened?" I asked the blonde girl, just to realize she was sleeping. I know Conner wouldn't tell me even if I bribed him with a new Tonka truck. His little brain didn't work like that. "Well, one of you are dead!" I threatened. Kiley stuck her tongue out. "You can't prove anything, Sissy. You're dumb." I was thisclose to snapping. If she said any more… "Kara, stop fighting with your sister." Grandma said. I sighed. "She started it." I said like a child. I'm childish enough, anyways.