Grandma turned around. "I don't care who started it. YOU will end it." I rolled my eyes and got back to drawing, pretending not to hear my sister laughing eveilly at my defeat. Jasmine then woke up when I nudged her by accident, trying to get my manga which I dropped. " long was I out?" She moaned tiredly. I shrugged. "Hell if I know. My head hurts." She gave me an understanding look. "Sisters are evil." "Tell me about it."

It was another butt-hurting three hours until we got to our first campsite. I stayed inside the RV the first few days, computer-obsesssed, soaking in the rays of sunshine dimly showing through the window, avoiding the glare. "Kara! Ya gotta go swimming with us today! There's someone you gotta meet! Huge manga nerd! He's awesome!" I looked at an exitable Lily. She was glowing. "Okay." I said. Then I went into the back to throw on my swimshirt and trunks, chosen by my mom. Lily grabbed my hand after I changed and ran with me to the pool, I unlocked the chain-link fence guarding it for your protection and I got greeted by Jasmine, with a splash. Conner started to laugh.

"Very funny, Jashmion.(that's her nickname) Don't do that again." She stuck her tounge out. "You gotta meet this guy." She said, done with her childism. She dragged over a guy, about 18,(I'm 14) "This is Dutch." Jasmine smiled. "Hi, I'm Kara." I said, offering him my hand. "And as you know, I'm Dutch." He said, taking my hand and shaking it. I got this strange sense about him. He was kind-of unusual, not in apperence. He looked like your average dude.

But, after a while of talking about who-knows-what, who-knows-why, music and my drawings that I had shown him, couzins close by so I could keep an eye on the little munchkins and the demon ruler Satan's wife's best friend, also known as my sister, I realized that he wanted to be alone with me. Talk about creepy! Jazzy stuck beside me and the little children went to the park. Well, I WAS supposed to be watching them but I was sitting under a tree, deep in thoughts and my imagination spilling out on paper. Jasmine was sitting right next to me, playing fruit ninja on my android and peeking over my shoulder to see what I've drawn when Dutch walked over. "Sup." He said noncholantly as he pulled his sunhat so it uncovered his eyes. "Suuup." I replied, barley taking a glance at him.

"Wanna take a walk?" He asked. "Sure." I replied. I coulod tell he eyes sparkled from the oppertunity. "Come on, Jashmion." I mumbled, helping her up. Jazmine walked with us around the RV park. "Go away. I'll give you candy." Dutch said to Jazmine, annoyed of her preztence. "I don't like bribes." Jazzy replied, sticking her tounge out at him, then clinging to my arm. "Nice try, Dutch. But she's my right-hand man. She ain't leavin' me." Jazmine smiled and nodded. "Besides, I don't wanna hang out with the little kids." She grunted. I sighed.