This is just a story I thought of, and I just wrote it down. I'm not sure if it really flows, or is understandable. If you like please tell me, and I'll try and write more :) (Not really sure of the title yet either)

The Good Girl They Learnt To Fear

She was always a good, kind, caring person. Yes, when she got mad she had a temper, but she would never hurt anyone. But that was before she got the letter, the one every eldest child gets on their eighteenth birthday. The one that would change her life forever. The one that would eventually kill the kind, caring person or, replace her with an evil and cold hearted assassin.


My mom walked into the living room, tears in her eye and a letter clutched to her chest. I looked up and a sob escaped her. She moved to my side and handed the letter to me, my name was in thick black letters on the envelope. I ripped it open and scanned the letter, already knowing the vague idea of the text. My mom sat down next to me and I pulled her into my arms.
"Its okay" I whispered in her ear, my eyes went to the letter and I read the date I was to start my training, 25-06-14, I sigh 30 days from now. It had been my birthday the day before; we haven't had a party, just a small gathering of my family. It was happy event, even though they all knew my fate.

Every 5 years the eldest child of every family, who has turned 18 in that year is sent to be trained for the glory of their family. The number of trainees could be as little as 1 or as big as 100. People tended not to have children in those years, however it still happened.

My mom rocked in my arms, I knew I should feel sad; I was going to-more-than-likely die. But, I had come to terms a long time ago when I had first done the numbers when I was little.
"Its okay" I said more loudly.
"No it-it's n-not" she cried into my shoulder, and hugged her tighter. I was fit, I had trained every week, for ten hours scene I had done the maths.

When my head hit my pillow that night, nightmares flooded my mind. Scenes of violence, bloodshed and the scream of injured men engulfed me.
"we made monsters, look at them" voices echoed in my mind.
"Dorian!" I hear myself cry out, in my mind I think who the hell is he, but I call out again, "Dorian!" Arm engulfed me in warm, I suddenly felt safe. I leaned into them, but pulled away as a sticky liquid soaked my back. I look down at myself to see blood covered me head to toe. I tried to pull away but strong arm held tighter.
"it's okay" I deep voice grunts behind me, echoing my early words. I nod my head, pushing it back onto his neck "you're safe with me" he whispered behind me.
"I…" begin but can't finish and I feel his warmth fade as I wake.
Sweat coved my body, and my breathing was in rasps, I rolled over and close my eye. To exhausted by the dream to move.

When the day for my departure came, I cried myself to sleep in my mother's arms, my sister sitting close behind. I had always known but with the reality not upon me, I was truly terrified. And as I was marched to the bus, I shock with fear. The goodbyes I had spoken to my family early, now of little comfort. Two other where being marched behind me, I looked around and spotted my family, and I couldn't stop the tear that fell onto the concert floor. As I watched my family disappear, the certainty that I would not see them again for another three years, if ever again hit me.