Chapter 3

My eyes open suddenly, my breath comes out in rasps, and a thin layer of sweat covers my body. I can't remember my dream, and with every passing second it falls further from my grasp. The sun streams through the window, we must have forgotten to close the curtains last night. I know I'm not going back to sleep anytime soon, I roll onto my side to get a better view of the clock. 03:23, just under forty minutes till the run, I pull my covers back and get my stuff from my lock, being careful not to wake the still sleeping boys.

I walk into the bathroom and shut the door, light also streams through the misty glass. I dump my stuff on the tiled floor; I pull my top off so I stand only in my pants. I put the plug in the sink, and turn on the taps on and let the water fill up in the sink. Once it is about half way full I stop the water and dunk my face into the water. When I pull it back out water drips off my nose and about an inch of my hair is wet, I stare into the mirror, looking at my pale face; my light blue eyes stare back at me, sadness clouding them. My red hair is messy from sleep, the plait almost fallen out. I rip the band out and shack my hair free, it falls around my face and covers my breasts. When my eyes drift back to my face, I can't help but think I look like Queen Boudicca, my hair wild and slightly curled. I narrow my sad eyes, effectively removing the sadness and replacing it with determination, 'I WILL NOT DIE HERE, I WILL LIVE' I think to myself.

I quickly dry myself off and, dress in my bra and top from yesterday, throwing on my combat trousers, after doing my teeth and reliving myself. I pull my hair into a ponytail; I smile at the effect, as my hair looks like a fox's tail, because it puffs out behind me.

I quietly walk back into the room; the boy's soft breathing indicating they are still fast asleep. The clock now read 03:48, twelve minutes and the boys are still fast asleep. Our lance corporal will come and wake us in a minute, so I decide to make my bed. Once I'm done I go and look out the window, there isn't much of a view, bushes cover most of the window, so I just stare at the sky.

BANG echoes off the walls as the door hits the lockers behind it, successfully waking the boys. We all scramble to stand to attention as lance corporal Knight eyes us, Brad almost falls out of his bed in the attempted, and both griffin and I have to hind the smile spreading on our faces.

"10 minutes on the court yard" he all but shouts at us,

"Sir, yes sir" we replay in unison. With that he turn and slams the door behind him, I let the hidden smile spread now and begin to laugh at the sight of the two boys standing next to me in the boxers, a dazed look on their faces.

"What so funny" they say at the same time, I just smirk at them and grab my socks and boot, and then I sit on my bed and begin to put them on. They both continue to scowl down at me; I just smile up at them.

"When did you get up?" griffin asks changing the subject,

"about twenty past three" griffin nods and then starts to get ready, brad is walking around the room, looking at little lost. I get up and straighten the bed again after lacing up my boots, both boy are now dress and fixing their bed, I glace to the clock again 03:57, I notice that both of them have stopped and are ready, and like me just staring at the clock,

"Show time" brad pipes up

"Do or die" I add

"Good luck" griffin says, locking his gaze with mine. A sombre mood covers us as we walk out of the room to the court yard,

"I will not die here, I will live" I mumble to myself as we fall in, and stand to attention with the other trainees. Some would die here today; we would run till we dropped, those who fell seldom got back up again, if the rumours were to be believed. The lance corporal stand in front of us ready to lead the run on foot like us, the sergeants stood off to the side next to a land rover, talking amongst themselves, a looking in their eyes as though they were taking bets on who would die.

"keep up, don't fall behind, don't stop" one of the lance corporals shouted, then split into two groups, the first started to run, and with that we were off. I quickly tried to stretch a few muscles, as our row waiting to start. In a few seconds I was putting one foot in front of the other, griffin and brad close by, I was pulling away, and I had to check myself to not waste all my energy at the start.

Soon I had fallen into my rhythm, my pounding feet the beat, my harsh breaths the base. I blocked the pain and lethargy from my mind, just concentrating on moving forward…

Sorry it's so short; I'll try and write a longer on next chapter.