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I had managed to keep moving for the ten miles, by just putting on foot in front of the other. Fallen people had become awarded obstacles without faces; I just kept moving on, the Lance Corporals would deal with them. I finished the run in about fifty minutes, give or take. I had lost sight of the boys when I had fallen into the rhythm of the run, near the beginning, where the tree and people turn in to burls has I focus on my goal.

I now stand in the court yard where we started, catching my breaths. My hand on my head, breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth. The large court yard was now, nowhere near as fall has it had been in this morning, and from now it would only get emptier. The last few where coming in, the following lance corporals bring up the rear, barley breaking a sweat.

My eyes search for Griffin and Brad in the small crowd, now I have gained my breath back, but as I do the lance corporal call us to fall in. we quickly stand to attention, in neat rows, we all know that disobedient will not go unpunished. I can't help myself and do a head count of the remaining trainees, eleven left including me, no more girls. My eyes drift to the Lance Corporals, one was smirking, all his must have fallen. When I bring my eyes back to the other trainees, a happy sigh escapes my lips, as I see Griffin and Brad in the middle of the front row.

I watched as they did a quick head count, "you're on your own time now!" with that we were dismissed; we silently and orderly filled into the mess hall for breakfast. Everyone went to their selective tables, but no one said a word, the air was heavy with the sadness of the trainees. Sixteen people were on longer seated, though on one said anything we all suspected they were dead. Two of the tables were completely empty; it must have been on of their lance corporal who was smirking in the court yard.

I walked over the grim faced serving ladies before sitting. I grabbed one of the bowls and held it out for the lady, as she ladled porridge into the bowl. After that I went over to my set, our table was the fullest, but some had their head in their hands, or holding their stomachs in pain, most where red of white in the face. One or two had blood trickling from their noses and the panting of other could still be heard.

I poured myself a glass of water from the pincher in the middle of the table, and drank it in once gulp, I poured another then set to eating. My mind had wondered off and I almost squeaked went a hand touched my shoulder, instead I put a glare on and turned to find the face of who the hand belonged to, my glare was replaced be a smile when I saw griffins smiling face. I notice brad behind him, a Cheshire cat grin plastered on my face, then must have thought the worst of me 'ass-holes'.

They sat down, one on each of my sides; they grabbed a drink and started on their meals. We ate in silent for a while just glancing around the room, we were the only full room left.

"…a lot more are missing than I thought there would be" griffin said a grim look on his forlorn face.

"16 are… missing" I stated

"That many" brad added, I smiled a little at the easy tone he used. I moved the spoon around the now empty bowl; I'd now had about a whole pincher of water and knew I would need to pee soon. Both of the boys had had bigger portions than I, I sent a glare to the ladies behind the severing table, my tummy rumbled, and I deepen my glare. A some laugh escapes the boys lips has they notice my glare, I move my glare to brad who seem more amused that griffin, and once again my tummy rumbled and I blushed at little at the loudness.

"Here" the scrape of a bowl being pushed across the table made me turn, my surprises was evident has I stared at griffins bowl in front of me. "I've had enough" he added when I didn't take it straight away.

"Are you sure, I'll live" he smiles

"Yes you're hungrier than I and there was a lot in there" I smiled back at him and took the bowl.

"Thank you" I say has he grab a glass of water. Brad chair scraped has he got up.

"I'm gonna take a shower" he shared a look with griffin, but it way gone to quickly for me to really understand what it was. He walks to the room then, and I looked at the clock 05:19. I sighed and started to eat griffin left overs.

When I was done I caught griffin smiling at me from the corner of my eye,

"What?" I asked

"Nothing" he looked away quickly, I push my bowl into the middle of the table.

"Better go get ready" I said getting up, I grab the bowls and put them on the tray has we leave the mess hall. We walk the short distance to our room in silence. I let griffin go first, just in case brad was waltzing around naked, which I wouldn't put passed him.

We entered the bright room to find brad in fresh combat trousers and shirtless. My eye were draw to the flexing muscles of his six pack, I quickly turn my attentions elsewhere, only to notice the slightly jealous look from griffin.

"Do you mind if I go first?" I asked griffin

"It's all yours" I smile and grab a fresh pair of clothing and enter the small bathroom. I strip out of my sweaty cloths and turn the shower on. Whilst it warms up I pull my hair from its band and brush my fingers through it.

I step under the running water and force myself to have a quick shower, even though I want nothing more than to stand under the warm water for hours, letting my trouble follow the water down the drain.

I grab the bar of soap and use the lather get the sweat out of my hair. I wash it all and then start to work on my body. After about five minutes I'm standing on the tiled floor with my towel wrapped around my body. I dry and dress, then use the towel to rub my hair. I wrap my hair in the towel, and do my teeth before exiting the bathroom.

"All yours" I say to griffin has I move to my bed, I sit heavily and remove the towel once again to start the rubbing. Griffin pulls his shirt off before entering and my eye linger on his rippling muscles, he glances at me and grin in place. I quickly look away and use the towel to hide my blush.