You Are But a Strong Memory

You are the rock sitting inside the pit of me,
Uncomfortable and painful as I try to move on,
A thorn in my side that stings and poisons me,
The churning of my stomach as my rage threatens to boil my blood,
And fry my thoughts.

You are the fury that I let myself gnaw on,
In hopes of avoiding explosion through self devourment;
The dog that keeps chasing its own tail,
A snake devouring itself,
A sign of infinity,
That I wish I could wash away with my tears.

You are the context, in which I chew with a bitter passion,
And tear, just to feel the strength in my teeth as I rip you apart,
To taste only to spit out when I realize
You are nothing but acid trying to burn through me,
Leaving a hole where my heart used to be.

You are the hatred that bleeds into my pores,
The dark gleam in my eye, the sneer in my smile,
And you are most certainly the sadness that burdens my heart.