Cherish My Memory

Hello, great oak tree, do you remember me?
I was the child who wanted to crave their initials,
Right on the side of your cheek,
And I did, for a while, with my lips, my words.

Hello, great oak tree, you're looking kind of pale,
What's wrong? Is it the gale?
Winds of change are coming, great oak tree,
And they're going to be affecting you and me.

Hey, great oak tree, I know what's up,
Those winds ruffled your leaves, got to your head,
And you're looking kind of dead with your eyes cast down,
You're sick of seeing me around.

Look at me, great oak tree,
I'm an adventurer, I grew right alongside you,
I tried to help you, with a bit of rope and sticks,
And you showed me how to enjoy the view.

But you see, great oak tree,
As we grew, we outgrew each other;
I'm just an adventurer, great oak tree,
My tears dropped onto yours roots,
My shoes are just a pair of old boots,
Who apparently didn't leave a big enough mark on you.