Her opponent had the taut, sinewy muscles of someone that was naturally athletic. Her long limbs glistened from the oil she was coated in. Her rapidly moving chest caught her attention as she sucked in deep breaths. Her breasts heaved under the thin cotton of her sports bra as she breathed.

Long, black hair was slicked back from her elegant face by an excess of the slick substance they were both standing in. Her small, plump lips were slightly parted and her cheeks were stained with a very fetching flush.

What other activities might create those results?

However, it wasn't the foe's toned body or kissable lips that held Charlotte's attention. She was fixated upon a pair of the palest blue eyes she had ever seen. It looked almost as if someone had sucked all the color from her eyes, making them transparent. Her eyes shone brightly, reflecting her obvious excitement and anticipation.

Charlotte had watched her wrestle with previous girls and had been captivated by the sight. Just to see this bombshell covered in oil was mouth-watering, but to see her entangled with other attractive women was positively orgasmic.

She'd look better entangled with me.

She had patiently been waiting for her opportunity to get in the ring with the beauty and here she was. The pale eyed woman was exactly where Charlotte wanted her; barely clothed, in a ring full of oil, and about to wrestle with her.

Here, kitten. Come play.

The referee of the bout blew on her whistle and Charlotte's smirk turned into a gasp as she found herself on the ground with a lithe female form on top of hers.

So, that's how it is.

Charlotte used the slickness of her limbs to her advantage and wriggled under the other woman. This action had two benefits: one, she had gotten free of the other's hold and, two, a firm body was pressed up against her own in many places.

How delicious.

Her tactic succeeded in freeing her from the tight grasp. She quickly put the space of the ring between them to gather her bearings. When the other girl got to her feet and fixed her eyes on her again, Charlotte knew she had to be pressed intimately against that body once more.

The cheers of many women surrounded the two of them in the ring, but Charlotte succeeded in blocking them from her mind. There were only the two of them in the entire world for the duration of this bout.


The other woman was cautiously moving forward. Suddenly, she ducked down and kicked her leg out at Charlotte's feet. Charlotte jumped successfully over the maneuver, but slipped on the slick surface of the mats beneath her.

Damn it!

This obviously skilled opponent took advantage of her miscalculation. She was there straddling the tops of Charlotte's thighs and managed to grab one wrist. Her other hand remained free though and she pushed it against the ground at her side. The leverage combined with the thrusting of her hips pushed her opponent's delicious weight off of her.

Charlotte scrambled to take the opening her movements offered up. She was now the one atop the other. She liked this much better than the other way around. Her hands snaked up to the other's wrists.

At first, the other woman tried kicking at her and pushing against her hold. Then, she pulled herself up and sunk her teeth into Charlotte's shoulder. Charlotte cried out in mixed pleasure and pain.

God that felt so good.

Charlotte's hold weakened a little, but it was only to see if the other would test her. She did and Charlotte very convincingly kept her beneath her.

That is right where you belong.

Finally, there was a shaking at her shoulder. Charlotte realized that she had beaten this indomitable beauty. The referee was trying to get her attention.

Charlotte jumped up to take in the cheers of her peers. Her arm was grabbed and raised by the official and she basked in it. She looked over to her opponent, but didn't spot her in the ring.

Fuck! Where did she go?

In the locker rooms, Charlotte gave a heavy sigh as she opened the locker she had been assigned for the day. A small piece of paper floated down. Charlotte stooped to pick it up from the floor.

Hello there.

The paper turned out to be a business card. The name on the card was Emily Martin and it said she was an architect at some high-end firm. Her work number was neatly printed along the bottom along with her cell number which was written underneath.

Charlotte flipped over the card. On the back, it read, "Rematch?" in a flowing script. Charlotte's smile nearly engulfed her face.