No One's POV

"Aaron! Stop!" Hanna Smith laughed, as her best friend of ten years, Aaron Jones, was tickling her. With no mercy.
"Hey, I warned you that if you changed the channel, you'd get tickle torture!" Aaron defended, and stopped once she raised her foot to kick him.
She sat up, panting, and slapped him on the chest. Instead of questioning why she hit it, he smirked, knowing the exact reason why.
"You know you love me." He told her jokingly, making her roll her eyes.
"Yeah, sure." Hanna said, shrugging her eyebrows.
He laughed and grabbed the remote, only to have Hanna snatch it right out of his hand. He looked at her with an odd expression, almost shocked.
"I am not sitting through another sports game. You wanna watch sports you go home." Hanna told him, flipping through the different channels, stopping when she saw that Supernatural was on. She had a bit of a crush on Jenson Ackles.
"Half of the football team can barely sit through the first fifteen minutes of this." He laughed, thinking of his wimpy teammates.
"I only watch it for Jenson and Jared, they're freaking hot as anything. I would die if I saw them walking the streets." She replied, her eyes glued to the brothers as they searched for vampires in the episode, Live Long, Twi-Hard.
The pair sat on the couch, staring at the TV, laughing at all of the jokes about Twilight. Absentmindedly, they both somehow ended up holding hands, faint blush on both of their faces.
"Is it wrong for me to want to marry Jenson Ackles?" Hanna asked, once the episode ended, and the next one started.
"Probably, considering the fact that he's, like, twice your age." Aaron told her.
"What about marrying Jared Padalecki?" She asked.
"He's already married." He replied, making her sigh.
"I'd also totally marry Misha Collins, but he's married too." Hanna sighed, thinking of her future that was made up in her mind about her and Jensen, being together forever. Although she did know that it was highly unlikely, seeing as she was seventeen, and Jensen was thirty-four.
"Well, you'll always have me." He said, opening his arms wide in a joking fashion.
"Gee, thanks." She said sarcastically, giving his shoulder a playful shove, although it made him fall off of the couch, only to have him wrap his arms around Hanna, bring her down with him, both laughing.
"Let go of me!" She laughed, trying to get out of his grip, which loosened once she said that.
Their laughing eventually faded out, and they sat in a peaceful silence, happy to be in each other's presence.
"Oh, you know how Gabe and I went on that date last week?" Hanna asked, giving him a large smiled.
"Yeah..?" He asked, sounding a bit confused.
" Well, he asked me to be his girlfriend!" She squealed, smiling larger than Aaron had ever gotten her to, making his heart hurt.
"That's great!" He said, feigning happiness, not wanting her to pick up on his sadness, "I have to go, if I'm not home soon, my mom will start to worry."

"Alright, I'll see you later?" She said hopefully.
"Of course." He smiled genuinely, before grabbing his backpack and walking out of her house, over to his.

The Next Day

Aaron got up a bit more hesitant than usual. But, nevertheless, he got up. Slowly, he made his way to his and his thirteen year old brother, Seth's, bathroom. He grabbed his toothbrush and brushed his teeth, tried to comb down the shaggy mess on top of his head, but eventually gave up and walked back into his room and got changed into a pair of jeans and a flannel shirt with a grey V-neck underneath and his black high-tops.
Slowly, Aaron made his way downstairs, and heard Seth's happy voice echo through the downstairs.
"Morning." Aaron said, his voice sounding sleepy and a bit stuffy.
"Are you alright, sweetie? You sound a bit stuffy." His mom said, getting up and standing on her tip-toes to feel her 6'2'' son's forehead.
"Honey, you're burning up! Go get back in bed, I'll be up shortly with some medicine and hot soup." His mom said, giving him a kiss on his forehead before he quietly walked back up to his room, and lying back on his bed, too worn out to get back in his pajamas.
He grabbed his phone and shot Hanna a text.

Hey, I'm sick, can't come 2 school 2day :/

A few moments later, he got a response.

Aw, sry! Feel better, I'll drop by l8r 2day aftr school!

He smiled at her message before setting his phone down on his nightstand, and closed his eyes, and heard his mother opening his door.
"Sweetie, I have you medicine and soup." She said softly, holding a small tray.
"Thanks mom." He said, propping himself up on the headboard of his bed.
"It's not a problem darling, you just focus on get better. I wonder how on Earth you got sick." She said, kissing the top of his head after setting the tray down on his bed. He dry swallowed the pills before he bed to eat the steaming bowl of chicken noodle soup.
"I'm off to school, bye mom, Aaron, feel better." Seth said, popping into the room.
"Thanks Seth, have fun at school." He said, Seth grinned at his brother and ran downstairs and out the door.
"I have to go to work later, sweetie, but just call me and I can be over in at least ten minutes, alright?" She said.
"Yeah, okay. And Hanna said that she was going to stop by after school." He said to his mom, before she left.
"Alright, I'll see you later." She said, smiling at her son, before walking down the stairs, and leaving a few minutes later.
Aaron sat on his bed, eating his soup. The only sound in the room was him slurping the hot soup, and the consistent clicking of the clock in his room.
About a half hour later, he finished his soup, and placed the tray on the ground next to his bed, before slowly getting up and putting on a pair of sweatpants and taking off his shirt, then climbing back in bed, falling asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

At school, it was finally the end of the day, and Hanna was at her locker, packing up her backpack, getting ready to head over to Aaron's house.
She remembered that he always gave her something when she was sick, so she quickly searched her backpack and found a bag of unopened Sourpatch Kids, his favorite candy, also hers. She sighed, and promised herself to give it to him.
Zipping up her backpack, and slinging it on her back, she slammed her locker shut, and began to walk down the empty halls, to the exit. She always walked home, and liked to pack up once everyone was gone. Always, she walked down the vacant halls, candy in hand, making her way to the exit.
Hanna exited the school, and got onto her silver bike, noticing the empty spots next to her. Usually, Aaron's bike was right next to hers, and they would race to school on their bikes. Either way, she unlocked her bike and put on her helmet before she began to pedal down the street, right to Aaron's house.
Once she was at his house, she left her bike in the front yard, like she did every time she came, and unlocked his house with the key in the plant on his porch. She entered the quiet house, closing the door behind her, and walking upstairs to his room.
Hanna gently knocked on Aaron's bedroom door, then opened it, and saw he was curled up into a ball, sleeping while hugging a pillow close, his blankets barely covering one leg, since they were hanging off of his bed.
She smiled at the sight of him and set her backpack and candy down on his bedroom floor before walking over to his sleeping body and adjusting the blankets so that he was covered completely.
She saw that his nose was bright red, and his hair was completely messed up. She was tempted to call him Rudolph with his red nose, but refrained to do so, seeing as he wasn't in the best condition ever.
A few seconds later, he woke up and saw that Hanna was standing in his room.
"Hey." He said, sounding stuffy and groggy.
"Hey, how are you feeling?" She asked, putting a hand to his forehead, which was still burning hot.
"Like crap." He said, falling back against his pillow.
"I got you something." She said, handing him the candy. He smiled at her and opened the bag, and ate a red one.
"Want one?" He asked, holding the bag out to her.
"No thanks, if I have one, I might take that from you." She said, smiling at him. He shrugged a stuffed a few more in his mouth.
"How was school?" He asked, his mouth filled with the sour candies.
"Eh, I had to sit by myself for almost all of my classes since you weren't there." She shrugged, sitting down on his bed.
"Sorry." He said sheepishly.
She waved her hand at him, "Don't worry about it, you're sick. I could never get made at my best friend when he's sick."
He smiled at her and ate some more candy.

Chapter one of two is up! I'm planning on making this a two-shot, unless I get more inspiration and continue writing this! Chapter two out will be out soon, I'm not completely sure when though since I have school...
Anyways, I hope you liked it!