A vast canvas of dark space. Empty lifeless. Only you walking into who knows what. Horror music playing in the background. (Beethoven's Symphony no.5)You see a dark building, limestone blocks, marble slabs, crumbling in the distance. A shriek of terror rings out into the emptiness, echoing on an on. You quicken your pace towards the building, to find an ornamental rusted silver gate, creaking open as you presence becomes stronger. Vines and plants never seen before crawl up towards the building, as if attracted to something. The entire place reeks of death, despair, terror. A wonderland of nightmares.

You suddenly hear a scream, a shout. Then a body flies out of one of those windows, followed by glass shards raining upon the ivy below, slowly crawling up as if telling you they will catch that person. They you hear a soft thump. There lying in your path is a bloodied figure, twisted, wrong almost inhumane. A loud crack of thunder and lighting fill the sky above the surroundings of the building. You feel something warm trickling down your leg. Glancing down, you see a bloody hand clench onto you. Then everything spins and fades out of perspective.