Shuffling forward, I drag my body towards a giant gap in an imposing mountain that looks as if it is my only opportunity for survival in Androsia's most arid domain. Finishing my painstakingly slow crawl, I allow my raw skin a vacation from constant, stinging gusts that fill Androsia's notorious Dust Bowl, indulging in my first bit of comfort in many days. My blissful thoughts are abruptly cut short by a shrill wail sounding from within my sanctuary from the dust. I jump in alarm, groaning as my still-smarting skin scolds my body harshly for moving so rapidly. Still, my curiosity triumphs, so I cautiously inch my way into gloomy lighting, hoping that it isn't an animal's hollow I am intruding upon. I scoot along, waiting for my sight to adjust. My foot bumps into a scaly bulk of anonymity, which quickly shrinks away with a yowl, as I also withdraw my foot, inhaling air unnaturally fast. My mind is racing as I try to awkwardly scurry away. As I crawl upward, a slight bump against my foot alarms yours truly, so I gradually turn around, and to my shock, an inhabitant of this chasm of rock is laying against my foot! Taking a look, my cardiac organ starts to pound like mad, as I finally catch sight of what it is. A baby dragon!