You drive me crazy

I hope you realize

What you do to me

How you make me feel

Why I can't forgot about you for a moment

I love you

I love you

I love you

My hear t beats to that tune

My lungs whisper it with every breath

My eyes show it with every glance

My lips say it with every kiss

I love you

We tell each other everything

Perfect honesty was a condition we both needed

Yet I feel like I'm lying to you

Day after day

Because I'm afraid to say it

I'm afraid to scare you

Afraid you don't love me back

And the worst part was that day we spend drinking in the city

Holding hands



It was amazing

And I smiled at something you did then said I love you

And you said you loved me too

And not to pretend I didn't hear you say it

But did you mean it?

Am I a fool to believe you did?

Am I a fool to think you didn't?

I love you

And I'm afraid

Every time we kiss and you hold me tight I want to say it

Every single time you look down at me with that half smile

I want to say it

Every time you grab me and pull me close

When you kiss my hand

When you play with my hair

When we make love

When say things at the same time

When we cuddle and your warm body is wrapped around mine

I want to say it

And sometimes I swear I can see it shining in your eyes

Sometimes your lips move like they're about to say it

I love you

I love you

I love you

And maybe someday soon I won't be afraid

I'll be able to look you in the eyes

And say it

I love you!